How did the pandemic affect the sport betting scene?


The betting scene is a really big thing in the world, but when you suddenly run out of things to bet, it’s a really tough situation now, because now you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel just to make something out of nothing. So what were the long-time consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Betting on sports? – ,,Forget about it”

What’s moderately funny in our opinion – some bookmakers even ceased to function for a while, because they had no bets that they can offer their players. Naturally the big fish still stayed in the game, but it wasn’t as profitable for them anymore as it always was. So pretty much no more free picksfor a while, or those sweet promotions that players from every part of the globe love. Well, the biggest issue was obviously the way how the sports scene got forced into basically shutting down for a longer time, because authorities announced a ,,hard quarantine” that made it hard to even train or organize an event. Naturally not all of the sports branches were shut down as it is, because the nature of some of them is very different. The best example of it is e-sports, because with few minor tweaks the games were resumed, so everyone could start betting on that.

Taking their time

Most of the players just didn’t want to bet either to be honest, because all of the western world was scared about the COVID-19. Nobody actually knew, what would happen to you if infected, specially that the time shows, that even today we still don’t know much about it. Some people don’t have any issues with it, they don’t even know that they were infected, some are going straight to the grave, which is very sad. After a few months it became clear that most of the people who can pass away from the disease are the individuals at the age of +50, so the situation was made more clear, and we could somewhat resume betting on sports, which slowly are getting back on track with the somewhat usual schedule. We shouldn’t really count on the euro football championships, because it is rather sure, that it will be delayed. The best players even did some odds comparison, if even it is possible to organize such an huge event. Everybody loves football, but we all know it’s not really possible to make it profitable when you have such strict regulations on how to make it work. Specially with the 2m rule, that is enforced nearly everywhere. The media says mostly that we’re trough the first wave of the pandemic, but some countries show that this information simply isn’t true.

Making the most of it

Nowadays, bookmakers don’t need to get to the bottom of the barrel to propose some of the bets to their players, but some sports are still under heavy regulations. Those championships, that can be transmitted live, without an audience, had been given the green light to just get started, but some (like football) are still under pretty heavy restrictions, so if you love betting football – you should either stop searching for bets like this for a while, or just start betting another sport. Because you may heard about that the teams are training just to make it work for the next season – but the possibility of you seeing that even live, or even on the TV is pretty low. To be honest, if you don’t know what to bet, e-sports are a pretty easy way to transition into some other category of betting. This way you can make the most of it, and still have fun with winning bets. Of course, if you don’t live videogames, you can always start betting other sports, or even go for betting things like if the falcon x landing will be successful. Bookmakers try to still make profit, and proposing new bets is basically their life blood. So you really should expect more special bets, that your favorite bookmaker is proposing you. Spending the time on learning how to make your betting career better is also a pretty good idea, because you can relax this way, and invest some time into yourself, improving what you already know.

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