Best Flow for the Perfect Lottery games


As with the odd and even numbers above, the range of numbers in the Agen togel terpercaya is divided between low numbers from 1 to 25 and high numbers from 26 to 49. Similar to odd and even numbers, no more than 1% of all high numbers and Low numbers won. So, divide your number in 2/4, 4/2, or 3/3 combinations, which occur in about 80% of the draw.

The number “playing tiptoe”

This strategy might take a little time and research at your end, but isn’t it all worthy of winning a lot of money? The “tiptoe” number (I coined this word for this article) is a number that has missed at least 5 draws after appearing in another draw.


Camelot sometimes announces “superdraws” around holiday favorites such as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. This is a draw, which is where Camelot pumps surplus money from their reserves to increase prizes and guarantee a minimum payment of £ 10 million. Play this game to increase your chance to win the lottery regularly.


Rollovers occur when the jackpot is not won by anyone and will be added to the next draw. The advantages of rollovers are as follows: the prize money is really big, but, more importantly, the chance of winning in a lottery after one rollover is much higher than just playing each lottery. Double rollovers occur quite often, but triple rollovers do not. The first triple rollover took 10 years to occur, to be exact in 2004 when 6 players won the £ 3.7 million jackpot. Although Camelot has allowed quadruple rollovers since 2011, it might take decades to happen. So, double rollover in the lottery is your best bet.

Lucky number “7”

Number 7 is also considered a lucky number in the Indonesian lottery. In fact, number 7 is also the number most often played. Some of the most frequently played numbers end in number 7 such as 7, 17, 27, 37, and 47. Use these numbers, together with other numbers using other strategies listed on this list, will result in new winners.

Random choices

Strangely, there is a consensus among experts that playing a set of random numbers, not only provides the best chance of winning the Indonasian lottery, but also offers the possibility that you will share your winnings with people who are inferior.


So now you have tips for winning the Indonesian lottery. You can decide to ignore all of this and play with birthdays or set your own by buying convoluted logic numbers. Or, you can decide to take some of the suggestions above or can also follow the suggestions from the existing prediction website to become a new winner in the next lottery draw. Whatever you do with this information is up to you, but for sure I have tried my best to help you in any way that allows you to win the lottery. Good luck!