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You probably already know that our body and language speak volumes about our feelings of the moment and our state of mind. It is the role of the synergologist to analyze body language in order to better decipher what is going on in the person’s mind. Of course, when you are a poker lover you think that having synergistic skills would be very useful. One could guess more if the opposing player has a good or a bad hand. With the right tournament poker tips it is possible now.

Bluff or not?

Imagine being able to know if the opposing player is bluffing or if he really has a good hand. Being able to study body language can help you better analyze the reactions of your opponents and better understand when they bluff.

Of course, we must not believe that there is an unstoppable technique to read in the mind of the player, especially at the level of professional players who train to remain static or, on the contrary, to launch false clues.

Nevertheless, some gestures can betray certain situations and especially stress or anger. For example, when we bluff we may tend to suddenly feel itchy and scratch. Similarly, when you have a very good hand, you necessarily feel some excitement that must be concealed.

Manage your body language

In poker, you have to be lucky and daring, but also know how to manage a minimum of your body language. The wearing of sunglasses has been used for a very long time by many poker players. We know that our look says a lot about what we feel. Although it can work, it is easier to hide behind smoked glasses.

However, sunglasses are not enough. It is all his gestures that must know how to control the best poker player. Whether to avoid alerting other players or to just deceive them are especially the unconscious acts that we must try to manage better.

Poker is a brain sport that requires many skills and other “skills” to be successful. In the same vein, being a good manager requires being versatile and hermetic to pressure. In this sense, these two a priori distant universes have many points in common.

Poker and HRD

Managing a business requires many qualities, from the sense of organization to the management of its productivity, to a sharp sense of humanity and a clear vision.

Many managers do not have these skills or only partially. However, nothing is lost since the principle of a professional activity is to improve its learning curve permanently as the Anglo-Saxons would emphasize.

Faced with a hand and players with sharp fangs, poker players are like managers who need to manage their human capital (the cards) in the face of a conjuncture (the river). In this sense, organization, communication, risk taking and stress management are similar to those of the company manager.

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