Betting on hockey


Hockey is one of the most exciting sports to bet on, as it factors in quite a lot of different variables that could affect the outcome. Hockey is a one of the fastest sport in the world, and so are the scores that are changing throughout the game. It’s not rare to see a good team to go down by few goals against weaker opponents, only to climb back up when the game progresses. Whether you are a live betting guru, or enjoy yourself some casual pre-match betting from time to time, hockey might be the sport you want to try bet on. Given of course that you’ll know something about the sport itself.

Special teams

Special teams, referred as penalty kill (when playing with men disadvantage) or power play (when playing with 1 or 2 man advantage) are the two most common factors to decide a hockey game. These are the data points you should be checking when doing your background checks on each teams you’re about to bet on. Special teams are used quite a lot throughout the hockey game, so except to see some power play goals, and possibly a good penalty kill situations. If another team is prone to take a lot of penalties and are notorious for allowing easy penalty kill goals, you probably want to lean towards the other teams odds in this instance.

As with other data points, you can’t base your opinion on single individual stats like the power play / penalty kill. Don’t make decisions based on it, but rather use the knowledge to guide you towards +EV bets.


The single most important individual position in many sport is the goalkeeper – or goalie, as they would refer it in NA. Goalies are very important, and you can tell a lot about the team, just basing your opinions to their goalie. Even weaker opponents have chance at winning games, if they have a good goalie. Always be on the lookout for good goalies, and try to locate the ones that are having difficulties on the ice.

If you want to be successful in the long run, doing your homework in regards of goalies are crucial. Don’t always count on the data you’re seeing, but rather trust your own eyes if you’re seeing that a goalie is struggling to keep himself cool after 1 or 2 easy goals allowed.

Make sure you use your bonuses

When betting on hockey, or basically any sports, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the bonuses that are currently available through internet. For example, this site that has online casino reviews, also has a great selection of different welcome bonuses, that are mostly usable for sports betting. Make sure you grab yours before they run out!

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