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You have probably heard of someone playing an international lottery game online and thought, this can not be real. How can you play a foreign lottery game without being there? Well, this has been possible since the inception of the internet with self styled lottery retailers buying tickets for their customers online. is no different. Having been around for well over a decade, the company offers its clients an opportunity to play euro lotto online. It buys lottery tickets from official retailers, for its customers and informs the buyer of Euro millions results as well as winning numbers and prizes.

A reliable service:

When the business started many years ago, tickets where purchased by agents who lived in the relevant jurisdictions. However, today, this has changed. Instead of agents, we now have underwriters who have agreements with official lotteries and who buy euromillions tickets directly from the licensed agents without any human intervention. This removes potential errors and means tickets can be bought online and barely minutes before the official draw closes.

So what’s the attraction about Euromillions?

The main attraction is the potential size of the jackpot. Prizes can climb as high as 190 Million Euros and for this reason, people from all over the world are attracted to buy tickets for the game.

Wouldn’t you?

How would your life change if you won Euromillions?

Most people believe their lives would change for the good. But this is not always the case. Your life could be turned upside down with “old friends” and “distant family” begging for a hand out. Fortunately this is the exception and not the rule and there are plenty of happy lottery winners who found themselves on the receiving end of lady luck!

But for winners such as Abraham Shakespeare who won 30 Million USD in the 2006 Florida Lottery, his luck ran out. His wife eventually left him because of the ongoing nuisance of people begging the kind-hearted man for money. Eventually his girlfriend who stole a large chunk of his fortune eventually murdered him too.

Another renowned winner is James Carol, also known as the lotto lout. A bin man, turned multi millionaire, who spent a decade blowing his fortune on drugs, banger racing, hookers and pretty much anything nefarious. Today, he is a bin man again, with regrets.

What would you do if you won the Euromillions lottery?

Would you buy a new house, new car? Go on lavish holidays? Fly first class in your brand new clothing line? Or would you keep your win lowkey and carry on with your life as if nothing had changed?

In our experience, it is best to keep your newfound wealth to yourself. And if you decide to play the euro lotto game online, and you happen to win… make sure you tell no one about your win!