Corners and card betting


When it comes to betting on football matches there isn’t much you can’t actually bet on these days.And the bookies happily provide a service that ensures the punter never goes without the opportunity to throw some more money on an option.

You can now bet on the number of corners and cards that’ll be shown in a match too, and the ability to do so has grown into one of the most popular methods of betting that exists today. The initial plan was to cater for a small group of enthusiastic punters, but the big bookmakers have pushed forward as punters embrace the challenge and push their money into the gamble.

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Below is a small overview of card and corner betting:

Card Betting

There are some straight forward cards markets such as the number of cards shown in a game, player to receive a card, team to receive the most number of cards in a given game, and backing which team you think will receive the first card. Bookmakers use a system called booking points, which makes a lot of sense to decipher whether or not your specific bet has won or not, and it’s usually universal throughout all the major bookies.

Corner Betting

Betting on corners tends to revolve around three key alternatives. These include over or underanumber of corners, the exact number of corners in a match, and a range of corner bands. Corner markets are around as frequently used as card markets are, with them only growing in popularity recently through the rise of available betting which is focused on statistics like shots on targets, completed tackles, and other facts and figures collected by the bookmakers.

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