Domino 99: The New Face Of Poker


Domino live is a domino version of poker the card playing game. It is played with partial Double six domino set by two to four players. Only the double-one dominos are used in the game, and players are leaving only 20 tiles to remove all other blank-suited tiles. The game is quite different in a matter of hand rankings compared to the original poker, but the aim remains same that is bluffing.

Domino live


Players have to put in the pot a fixed amount of money before each hand. Maximum raised limits don’t make into the pot because players agree on minimum. First, the dominoes are shuffled then face down, and then five tiles are distributed to each player by the dealer. The players can only see the tiles. Some of the moves player play in domino live game is listed below.

  • First is check, this move is permitted only on the initial round which lets the player remain in the game at the same time not putting anything in the pot.
  • Call, players use this move when the player has put the same amount as the rest people in the pot, and all hands are revealed.
  • Raise, it means player puts a larger amount of wager than all other players in the pot and for any other player to stay in the game has to put an equal or larger amount.

 Domino 99

Once the call is made the players have to expose their tile hands, and highest ranked hand player wins and takes the pot.

The highest rank is the royal hand also known as invincible that is five doubles. Next comes the straight sixes that is, on the one hand, there are consecutive suits and in the other suit of six. The next highest rank is Four-of-a- kind that is four doubles with any other tile. The straight fives are next which is same as straight sixes with a suit of five on one end. The next is a full house, where there are three doubles followed by two tiles of the same suit. Then comes straight fours, three-of-a-kind or a triple, flush, single pair and heaviest which are highest ranking in descending.

But for people who don’t live nearby casinos can also play poker through online poker and Domino 99. It is a popular Indonesian game. There are various websites for playing online poker and Domino 99 and can make money without going to a real casino.

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