Important Rummy terminologies which every player should know:


The Indian Rummy is a simple game with very easy rules guarding it. But there are many terminologies associated with it which you need to know to play rummy. Before learning the game, it is important to know these terminologies lest the game would sound Greek and Latin. Let us now learn the same one by one very briefly.


A deck is nothing but a pack of 52 cards plus one printed joker. Every deck will have four suits each having 13 cards.


There are four suits in each deck viz ♠ (spade) ♣ (clover) ♥(Hearts) and ♦ (diamond). Each suit will have an Ace, King, Queen and Jack plus face value cards from 2 to 9 thus constituting 13 cards.


An Ace is a card depicted with alphabet A and is available in all the four types of suits. This is one card which can be used to form sequences with both high value and low value cards. For example,

A K Q J (high value cards) and A 2 3 4 (low value cards).

Closed deck:

Closed deck is nothing but the series of cards that remain undealt once the cards are distributed to each of the players. As the name indicates, these cards are placed face down and so can be seen only when they are picked up by players during their respective turns.

Deal and Dealer:

The word deal is nothing but the distribution of cards to each of the players at the beginning of the game after shuffling. A dealer is one who distributes the cards. The dealer is selected through a toss before the game is begun.


The term discard is nothing but dropping a card on each turn. A player can either pick up and discard some other card or pick up a card from the closed deck and discard the same card.


The drop is a feature in online Rummy which a player can use to save points by just quitting the game midway when he faces a bad Rummy. He can either choose to do it at the beginning of the game which will give him 20 points and if he does it in the middle, it will fetch him 40 points normally. All he has to do for that is to press the drop button.


If a player is convinced that he has formed the cards as per the objective of the game, he can place the cards in the finish slot, thus surrendering the cards for submission indicating that he has won the deal. The cards will be reviewed before declaring him the winner. This process of finishing the game by a player is called a declaration.

The aforesaid Rummy technologies are necessary to be known to learn Indian rummy game thoroughly and quickly. Once you are familiar with these terms, try your hand on the game and enhance your skills because it is a game of skills. One can only win a rummy game when his skills at par to other players and he knows the game from core.

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