Essential Terms and Rules in Domino QQ


Domino QQ online is one of the trending online game in Indonesia. It has a resemblance to a Chinese domino game called pai gow. If you are a beginner, reading the following text is a good head start to learn more about the game.

Easy Registration and Initial Deposit

The registration on the website is quick, usually done in a few minutes. It only requires you to input some basic personal information.

Different sites offer varying minimum deposit amount. This money is your starting money once you register into the account. You will need this money to proceed in playing the domino QQ rounds because bets are required at the beginning of the game.

Aside from the deposit amount, some sites offer cash bonuses as a reward for registration or loyalty.

Procedures of the Game

Domino QQ is a game with a pack of 28 domino cards with red round dots of zero to six values separated in two pairs. Each game usually proceeds in the following manner:

  • Placing bets
  • Dealing of the dominoes
  • Determining the highest hand

The players place their money into the pot. Each player gets an initial three dominoes from the dealer. A person can call, fold, or raise after looking at the dominoes dealt.

A single bet from one person in the round automatically entitles that person to acquire the winning pot. If there are more than one people who bet for the round, each player receives another domino. Another round of betting follows the fourth piece. For both rounds, the moderator assigns a bet limit. In most games, the second round has a higher bet limit.

The players who did not fold during the entire duration of the game needs to reveal their cards. The winner of the game is the one with the highest card values.

Values of the Pairs

Aside from the straightforward total of the mix cards, there are some rare mix cards in this game. The highest special mix card is called the ‘6 God,’ only available once in a game. The normal card pair with the highest value is the double 9, with nine as the sum of the values of the right and left cards. Other special mix cards are called the twin, big (total dots from 39 to 43), and small (total dots between six and nine) series.

This game is a fun experience for people who like online gambling. Your knowledge of the essential terms and rules in the domino QQ online will help you enjoy the game and gain more money.

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