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Just a few years ago, you would not find lots of websites dedicated to Dota 2, but today you can check out lots of different sources of information where you can find everything you need about the game, betting options, tournaments, and more. This is all because of the high popularity of the game, which keeps increasing day by day. If you like to follow the modern trends in eSports, you should check out Dota 2 betting.

Initial Information about the Game

Dota 2 is an incredibly popular video game loved by players from all over the world. Since it was launched in 2013, it has become the most played video game on the stream. There is a range of professional contests of Dota 2 that attract a high number of people and generate massive revenues.

Like any other popular video game in the eSports industry, Dota 2 has a great potential in the betting market. Moreover, it is the second game in popularity among gamblers. Today, lots of different sites are available for fans of the game, but not all of them are evenly good. You should choose a site that features the updated information on tournaments, interesting news, helpful articles, and more, for instance, this one dota2betz.com


There are eventsof different types, but the most important ones are known as “Premier.”  They have the strongest players and awesome prize pools. These tournaments are usually organized by official franchises and other organizers.

The major events include:

  • The International;
  • The Summit and others.


Dota 2 comes with a range of exciting cosmetic items also referred to as skins that can be obtained by playing the game.Although these items cannot be used in the other way than improving the gaming experience, they are very desirable for players, which led to the formation of the market where these items can be purchased or sold for real money.

There are different trading platforms for the items, and the Steam Community Market is the official one arranged by the developer of the game. These items are also available on a range of other websites, and it is possible to find different betting sites where you can use skins for betting instead of real money. Dota 2 betting comes with the same principles as standard betting, but if you win, you will get skins, not money.

Moreover, today you can find websites where you can use skins to play different casino games, including roulette, lotteries, and more. All in all, if you wish to bring your gaming experience to the next level and enjoy a chance to obtain a range of skins, you should check out Dota 2 betting.

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