Get on top of the card game by reading Blackjack Winner


If you wish to become a ‘Blackjack Winner,’ read the Kindle ebook by Radek Vegas available at Amazon online at You would learn the strategies for this simple card game and start your little affair. Beginners and frequent players alike would benefit from this 87-page ebook, released in 2016. Instructions easy to understand and implement comes to prospective players along with a few clever tips and tricks.


The most popular, exciting and profitable card game Blackjack is a better bet than roulette and slot games with better chances of success, winning money stakes, in other words! Those are games with machines. Yet luck does play a role and knowledge of Basic Strategy is enough to begin. The two-card game is so fast, it could all be over within seconds. You play against the dealer and aim for a greater sum of the two cards than the dealer. The term blackjack refers to the total 21 which would be the ace combined with a 10. The ace could represent 1 or 11. A blackjack ends the game for the particular player.

You could play Blackjack in casinos and online casinos too, according to preferences. If it is casinos, some destinations are Sands Casino Macau in China and Casino Lisboa in Portugal. Among casinos online are Mr. Green and Bet365. Statistics favor victories. Take a positive attitude and avoid a losing streak by quitting at the appropriate moment if luck goes against you.

Some easy calculations help you to count cards and win with little waste of time and money. Enjoyment is at the heart of it and global friends are accessed in casinos online. It is certainly legal to put your brain to good use. Celebrate the game!  Following the notes, you decrease the casino advantage from 0.5%, far easier to win than at baccarat and roulette with 1.06% and 2.4% respectively. Author Radek Vegas is running the most popular German speaking Blackjack Website

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