Getting into a discussion about rigged poker games


You don’t have to go far in the world of online poker to find a discussion about counterfeit games, inaccurate transactions, conspiracy, and fraud. It seems that in every forum, site, or blog you visit, there will be people discussing how widespread cheating is in online games and if poker sites use the games to their advantage. So, let’s look at both sides of the argument and try this once and for all.

The poker sites crooked?

The first thing to pay attention to are the poker sites themselves. From “big boys,” like Full Tilt Poker and judi deposit pulsa 10000, to small sites like Bodog or Cake, everyone has one thing in common: they make a profit by winning rake in games. This means that they charge a small percentage of every dollar wagered on the site, so they make a profit regardless of which players win or lose at their tables. The more players come to play poker on your website, the more they will win, so they are interested that these players are satisfied.

Is that just the case?

In the casino’s card room, a trafficker shuffles and deals cards. In online poker, the software does this, which is another aspect of online poker that is often attacked by opponents who consider it false. The argument says that since the random number generator (RNG), which is the software used to shuffle cards, can never be truly random (due to how the computer works), it must be configured. However, there is a straightforward way to show that online trading is sincere and is to look at a statistical analysis of hand history. PokerStars, which recently delivered its 50 billionth hand, offers an excellent sample size, and its verification demonstrates that the possibilities of receiving a particular side on the Internet are equal to the options of delivering this hand offline. In other words, the software that shuffles and deals cards in the leading poker sites does an excellent job and plays fair games!

Do people cheat in online poker?

Well, let’s clarify one thing from the beginning: yes, some people cheat in online poker! But wait, here’s another surprise for you … some people are also cheating in offline poker!

The simple fact is that whenever there is profit potential, there will always be unethical people who are trying to fool the system. Whether offline or online, some people will try to use all the tricks of the book to gain an advantage, and either offline or online, the card rooms will always do their best to stop them.

It doesn’t matter if people cheat or not!

Well, I know this sounds illogical, but let me explain. If you are a solid player and win your usual bet, why does it bother you that someone else is cheating? You earn money regardless of whether someone complies with the rules or not, so what does that mean for you? Can you do something to stop them? No, you must leave it at the poker sites, so don’t waste your time worrying, take the time to work on your own game so you can advance the bets and start winning even more!

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