High Roller In An Online Casino


This expression is often used for online slot machine players. This is a term that can be adapted to all online casino games. A high roller can be translated into French as “Very big player”. It is the player who is chased by all the casinos in the world. He is adored, pampered and enjoys many bonuses with a VIP card that gives him benefits that are far from negligible – including the bonus VIP / High Roller. Let’s go for a ride in the world of high rollers.

How To Become A High Roller Player?

To become a high roller player, you have to play a lot of money and often! We are talking about a bet between 50 and 5,000 dollars. We are used to talking about slot machines because the bets are constant and the strategies of the players can lead them to play bigger and bigger to unlock the jackpots. Poker Online easily spot high rollers. Upon deposit, the High Roller player will seek to reach the maximum bonus by crediting his account of the maximum allowed deposit. It’s a solution, but some of them do not like to bother with bonus conditions.

By depositing significant sums, they automatically alert casino tiers who must, of course, verify that the player is not laundering money. From this moment, the online casino will watch his way of playing and watch if it is a high roller. This is where the level of bets will make the customer a big player or a high roller. A High Roller will systematically bet on the limits. If the maximum bet is 100 dollars on an online slot, it will bet 100. The casino tiers management software will locate it quickly and offer a kind of VIP card. This VIP card is more or less the same as that which can be obtained by collecting loyalty program points.

The big difference is that the VIP status is a real quest to reach, that some would say impossible. For the High Roller, she falls into his hand. A legend says that the biggest high roller is contacted directly by the casinos that play the headhunters. We find this urban legend in the hard casinos. When you are told that the security of your data is at the heart of the online casino policy, it’s a little more than altruism: they are worth gold.