How do you cheat at marked playing cards?


marked playing cards

Now many people earn their living by gambling. They want to win all the time in poker games, so they begin to consider how to cheat at marked playing cards gambling. With the development of technology, cheating tricks are also upgrading.

In past, people had no poker cheating devices to help them. They mainly used sleight of hands when they were playing poker gambling. If dealers want to play cheating tricks, they have many chances to apply their plans. They can make use of the time of shuffling to deal themselves the best cards. And if you are not a dealer, you can switch the cards during playing poker cards.

Marked playing cards are also favored by poker players. In the beginning, they will mark cards by themselves. For example, they may use pen to cover one of the petals in the printed backs of poker decks. Or they will directly write a dot in the deck. Dots in different positions means different numbers.

But now, players prefer to use invisible ink marked cards in poker cheating. Luminous marked cards have the same appearance with the original decks. Other players can’t detect their luminous marks on the decks of cards by their naked eyes. These marked poker cards can be applied in many occasions and are available for most poker games. For back marked playing cards, players just need to wear infrared contact lenses. By this way, they can see the marks clearly on the back of poker cards. And bar-code marked playing cards need to work with a poker scanning lens and poker hand predictor. It’s very useful to use these cheating devices. Even if you didn’t use them before, you can use them effectively. With the help of poker cheating devices, your winning odds will be greatly increased in poker gambling games.

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