How is Rummy Card Game different from other card games?


Rummy is a skill based card game that highly differes from all other card games. The unique features of rummy card game make it more appealing for the players. Not only does rummy offer you great entertainment, but it also helps in enhancing your skills.

Playing a game of rummy can help you in improving your skill sets that will assist in achieving excellence in life. When compared with other card games like poker, you can find a significant difference between rummy and other card games. Here is the list of prominent differences between rummy and the other card games.


Other card games require the players to have the strongest cards to win. But in the case of rummy, if you have the right skills, you can even win with a set of weak cards.

Luck Factor

While most of the card games are based on the luck factor, rummy is completely a skill-based card game. In the case of other card games, the cards dealt to you act as a deciding factor of your winning chances. The lucky player gets the favorable cards and stands a chance to win. But in the case of rummy, it is different. A player who can use his skills and strategies to turn the game in his favour despite getting weak cards is a real winner.

Invovement of Betting

Many of the card games involve betting.But, in the case of the rummy card game, there no betting amount in the game. Being a skill based game, there is usually no betting among the players in rummy.

Skills Involved

Most of the card games involve reasoning skills. But in the case of rummy, it is the mathematical skills along with reasoning and cognitive intelligence that help a player win the game. Starting from the simple mathematics of counting and calculation to the complex concepts like probability, all find use in the game of rummy. Being familiar with all these mathematical concepts can help in increasing your chances of winning.

Cards Dealt

The number of cards dealt is another significant factor that differentiates the rummy card game from other card games. In the case of rummy, 13 or 21 cards are dealt to the players. But in other card games like poker community cards are dealt to the players.

Skill Development

While very few card games may help in real-life skill development of the players, rummy does so. Starting from boosting your confidence and relieving stress to enhanced concentration and decision-making skills, rummy is one game that can help boost many important skills. Playing rummy proves to be beneficial for the overall mental health of the players.

Take Away

While the card games are engaging and entertaining, rummy is becoming popular among the people because of its various benefits. The skill-based game that provides players an opportunity to learn and develop skills remains unique from other card games. Starting from the game basics to cards dealt and skills involved, the rummy card game is different from the other card games in most aspects.