Perfect Low Cost Solutions for Horse betting Now


A low-cost solution is the use of classifications of data published in newspapers, subscribe to a better service card or even produce your own. But it can be very long. I spend around £ 50,000 + a year which has shape and analysis figures produced by me, because I need as much information as possible and to save time. In flashscore you will be able to have the best betting choice for you now. The right choices for the horse betting tips can be perfect there. You will be able to have the perfect options right there in every possible manner.

How to convert odds of winning at an affordable price

  • To convert prices they could subtract the chance of winning (WC) by 100% for the Lose probability (LC)
  • Suppose we estimate the horse wins 4 races out of 10. The probability of winning is 40%
  • So WC = 40% and lose Chance, LC = 100% -40% = 60%
  • Then divide the Losing (LC) opportunity for the Chance winner (WC) i.e. LC / WC or 60/40 = 6/4 courage in action and what do you gain?
  • Let’s take the example of a horse that wins 40% of their career. It’s true price is 6/4.
  • Bet at 2/1 and make 20% or 200 pounds in 10 bets for £ 100 a head.

Here Mathematics

  • Over 10 races to win and lose 4 6.
  • Every time you win you win £ 200 (£ 100 2/1)
  • you earn 4 times what their gross win is £ 800.
  • Every time you lose 100 pounds (of play)
  • you lose you lose 6 times as much your gross loss is 600 €
  • Your total profit is 800 pounds. – £ 600 = £ 200
  • So on average £ 200 wins in 10 races and £ 20 per race or 20%
  • What happens if you bet on True or below Value Price?
  • But if you bet the horse for less than its value price your profit will turn into a loss.

Suppose you bet on Evens

  • You can still win 4 races. But instead of the gross profit of £ 800 (€ 4 x 200) he now earns only £ 400 (4 x £ 100) still lost 6 races and the gross loss is the same 600 6x £ 100 = £400
  • Net loss = + EUR minus £ 600 = loss of 200 lbs


To be a successful professional player it must have value when you bet. This means that only bets when the odds or the price offered is higher than the probability of winning the bet. We talked about horses here because this is my area of ​​expertise. But this principle is absolutely fundamental for any successful gambling. You can make use of flashscore here and come up with the solutions.


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