How to Gamble Online Safely


With an abundance of online casinos and pokies sites to play at, we’re all spoiled for choice. Online gambling sites come in all shapes and sizes; bright looking and alluring with some amazing casino bonuses up for the taking. But’s important to remember some safety aspects when gambling online and choosing a new site to play at.

Playing Safe at Online Gambling Sites – What’s important today offers some top tips on how to gamble online safely, so that you can sit back, relax and have a great time and most importantly, not worry about a thing.

It makes no difference if you’re looking to make online sports bets, playing online pokies or the traditional ‘casino classics’ games. The main rules are the same: only play at recommended and licensed sites, always read any bonus T&C’s and always bet what you can afford to lose.

Play at Recommended Gambling Sites Only3

As a rule of thumb, it goes without saying that you should only play at recommended and trustworthy casino and gambling sites. We know it’s hard to know where to start or who to trust, especially if you’re new to playing casino games and pokies online.

Still, that’s why many gambling guides across the web exist. Most gambling and pokies guide you can trust. If you think about, it’s in a websites (like ours) best interest to give the best advice, after all reputation is paramount. And since we’re all gambling fans, we need to look out for one another too!

Why Licensing Matters

Reputation also goes hand in hand with licensing as well. Make sure you only play at gambling sites which are for a start licensed, but moreover, are licensed by the best and responsible gaming licenses you can get.

The most reputable and trustworthy licenses are considered to be those from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and also the UK Gambling Commission License (UKGC)

You may encounter other licenses as well, including a Gibraltar and Curacao licenses, which are also absolutely fine, but anything else you may want to re-think your options. You see, if you play at sites which are governed by the aforementioned gaming licenses, it means that the site in question adheres to stringent rules and regular audit checks.

Site Security – Protected Information

When you gamble online, you’ll need to register an account, deposit by a banking method that could include your credit card details or bank details. You might also need to provide verification documents to make withdrawals as well, which includes a copy of your ID and utility bills.

This information is very sensitive, so only play at a site which offers the upmost state of the art security, so that all of your details are safe guarded.

Most of the top gambling sites invest heavily into security because it’s in their own interest too. Most gambling and casino sites use SSL encrypted technology, which is the most common used security software used by the world’s biggest banks.

Responsible Gambling

Online gambling is all about having fun. It’s entertainment at the end of the day, but there are risks involved. That’s why when you bet, you must know your limits at all times. What’s more, in all cases, you must only bet what you can afford to lose.

These days, it’s easier to ‘self-regulate’ and stay in control of your gambling. It’s also easier to self-exclude too, and sites which are licensed by the UKGC all offer a self-exclusion button from within the software. The purpose of this feature is simple: if you feel as though you are betting too much or losing control then you can close and block the account immediately, and you won’t be able to open it again.

Choosing a Reputable Gambling Site

As we briefly mentioned above, there are many gambling and pokies guides out there, including this one, which will help you on the right path to finding one of the best gambling sites to play at.

All in all, along as you stick to these guidelines, go ahead and pick a site which you can see yourself having the most fun at for the best experience online.

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