How to Get Free Bet Bonuses as a New Player


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Contrary to popular belief, betting sites are generous. They may offer odds that look mean at times, but within them are wagers you can easily predict. New players are welcomed with free bets. Loyal punters get bonuses every once in a while and jackpot winners earn life-changing money.

If you just started betting, take time before you deposit money in a bookie site. Betting sites differ in multiple ways. Their odds are never similar. Some impose winning fees, some don’t. The best sites offer multiple bonuses and quick withdrawals.

Find out how to maximize wins on sports betting by taking advantage of the multiple bonus bets thrown around by new and established bookie sites. Also, get expert tips on how to minimize your losses by always staking on quality bets.

No Deposit Free Bets

The bets are exactly what they sound like. Sign up and get a free bet even before you make your first deposit. No deposit bonuses are increasingly popular these days because of the high demand from players.

The best bookie sites impose little to no wagering requirements on the bet. You may be required to wait 24 hours before betting on the bonus bet. Some casinos only process wins from the bonus bet after you deposit and stake with your money.

Another common rule with the deposit is a time limit on the games to bet. You may get a €100 no deposit bonus but there is a requirement to place a bet on it within the first 24 hours. After that, the bet expires.

First Deposit Bonuses

You get the bonuses after your first deposit. Most bookies match your deposit or offer 50% of it as a bonus. Some sites require that you spend your initial deposit and then bet on the bonus. Others have no such requirements.

With most deposit bonuses, there are no wagering requirements. If you win after betting on the bonus, the cash is yours. However, most bookies require that you wager the entire bonus at one go. If you are rewarded, pick your teams carefully to ensure you make the most out of the bonus.

Matched Free Bets

In addition to your first deposit bonus, bookies may reward you regularly by matching your deposits. The bets are mostly time-limited. If you find one, take advantage and place the bet before it’s pulled out. The bonuses may also have other requirements. The bet may only apply for deposits of up to €50 or be match specific.

If the bonus is match specific, you must bet on the exact team. Let’s say the bookies decide to match every bet placed on a game between Liverpool and Arsenal. You must place a wager on the game to qualify for the matched bet. You also can’t withdraw the bonus amount before staking it on a bet.

Stake not Returned Bets (SNR)

Stake not returned is a common free bet on many sites meant to encourage loyalty. You get a free stake to place a bet. If you win, you keep the profits. But at the same time, the bookie gets back its stake. If you get a free stake of €25 and win €50 from a bet, you keep €25. The remaining €25 goes back to the betting company.

SNR bets are common in established sites because the bookies get to keep their stake in the end. Players enjoy the free bets as they maximize wins without staking on personal bankrolls. Most of the free bets work greatly in sports trading sites. You can lay and back different wagers and make profits whichever the outcome of a game.

First Bet No Lose

Some bookies sites have a unique free bet for new players. Your stake is refunded if you lose on your first bet with the site. If you win, you keep your stake plus the profits. The bet is meant to encourage new players who may feel discouraged on losing their first bets.

The no-lose bet may also be offered regularly as a time-limited type of limitation. After all, the bonus is not different to a money back special. The bonuses are not present in all sites though. Research to find out which bookie sites offer regular bonuses for loyal bettors. Ensure you make deposits to sites where you can easily withdraw your wins and where the wagering requirements are few.

Loyalty Bonuses

Once you find a good betting site, stick to it and you will be in for multiple free bets. The best bookie sites run bonuses to loyal customers on a regular basis. You may get a stake worth €50 to celebrate a one year anniversary on the site. You can get weekly or monthly free bets and other types of offers.

If you are a member on two or more casino sites, you save a big chunk of your bankroll by taking advantage of loyalty-based bonuses.

Qualifying Free Bets

You qualify for the bets by fulfilling specific rules set by the bookie site. Both new and existing customers may earn the bet. The catch is that you must bet on a prediction made by the bookie. Let’s say Barcelona are playing Real Madrid. The bookie may offer a money back offer to anyone willing to bet on a draw.

Another rule imposed is based on the wager amount. The site may decide to reward anyone who bets €20 or more on a specific game. They could also rule that you place multiple bets and win a specific number of games to qualify.

Qualifying bets tend to have more rules than other bonus types. But they offer you a chance to get a refund to your stake or maximize your wins if you meet the bookie’s rules.

To Conclude

Your first bet on a new bookie site shouldn’t have to be your bankroll cash. Hunt for no deposit free bets, deposit bonuses, and no loss offers and you could wager up to five games without spending your cash. There are plenty of free bets out there. Most of them have some qualifications but they all help maximize your wins and minimize losses.

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