How to play beetle mania slots


If you are a slot loving gambler then you might have played numerous slot games that feature fruits, super heroes and even animals. One such amazing slot game is beetlmania deluxe. This is a classic shout game which is played on 10 pay lines and has 5 reels. The game is fun and easy to play as it makes use of known symbols such as poker symbols and the extra symbols include beetles, snails, bees etc. The game is very much user friendly and has amazing sound effects similar to live casinos and loved by gamblers globally.

  • If you are looking to get a higher win in the beetle mania slot game, then you must make use of queen bee which is the wild card symbol and has the potential to change any of the cards to create a match. But this wild card cannot replace the scatter. The scatter is generally a symbol of music note which when used creates a free spin in the game. This is the most attractive feature of beetle mania slots.
  • If you encounter the lady bug symbol during the free spin, then your win amount gets doubled. There is also a feature of double up gambling in the game wherein the players can double his earnings by guessing the win. This is quite rewarding feature and loved by gamblers.
  • The beetle mania slots game is quite similar to reel king slot game. The earlier game is quite popular in Europe while reel king has got amazing popularity in the UK region. Just like other slot games the player can select the bet amount before starting the spin.
  • The player can refer the pay table to know about the possible winning combos and also the win amount for the current bet placed by the player. It is recommended that the player checks the pay table in detail before placing the bet.
  • This game is developed by Novomatic Company which had an aim to combine the best features of Reel king and Book of Ra. By combining the best features and increasing the win possibilities the company has created a game that can be considered as a leader in the slot games.
  • The beetle mania slots game is quite popular in the land based casinos of Europe and is mainly preferred by ladies. There are several other slot games available in casinos for the gamblers but they are not popular as much as this game even when the game does not give a huge win in the jackpot. The jackpot of beetle mania is also not progressive so there is limited amount of earning in this game.


The beetle slot game can be played on several land based and online casinos globally. One must choose a website with amazing reviews and good customer support for playing this slot game. Another thing to look out for includes the deposit and withdrawal methods provided by the website on which you want to play this game.