Interesting Facts and Tips on Casino Slot Machines


When you look at the games in a casino you will find that slots are among the simplest. While there can be thousands of variations in themes allslots are played the same way.

Slot machines

Slots are the most colourful and loud pulls in a casino – online or offline. With the various themes and big jackpot values, they are created to get your attention and then drain you of money in small amounts. Remember slots always favour the house, but if you research there are several tips you can use for better chances of beating the slots.

Interesting facts

What is interesting is that most online slots are free to play. But they do have slots for money at most of the online casinos where you are able to play slots with real money. Each online casino that has slots for money will usually have payouts that are huge, big bonuses for first deposit and hundreds of spins for free.

Research payouts

There are several websites that tell the pay-out percentages of slots at various casinos. While casinos don’t make this data accessible to the typical player, insiders gained access to this valuable data and put it online or in casino magazines and newsletters.

Know your limit

If you have the “bug” and are hooked on slots, it is time for you to set limits such as “double your money” amount and your “lose limit” amount before you log on to the casino. If you’re losing, stop when you have reached the loss limit amount. If you doubled your initial amount then it is also time to stop.

Make a slots budget

If you are off for several days or you know how much time you are spending in an online casino on the weekend, it is time to figure out a budget of your funds to cover the time you will be playing “slots”.

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