What are the Main Types of Online Casino Bonuses?


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In most industries, a few top companies dominate the market. Things are different in the online casino business. Players switch between platforms as they look for new bonuses every day. Rarely do you find gamblers using one platform for gaming.

To rise above the stiff competition, casinos hire the best marketers in the world. They use established game providers and software. Embracing trends is the way to go or else a company falls into oblivion as players migrate to newer, better casinos.

Hare 7 of the popular bonuses online casinos use to attract new players and keep existing gamblers loyal.

Sign up No Deposit Bonus

It has become a standard practice for many casinos to welcome their players with bonuses. No deposit is required. All you have to do is create an account with the gambling site. Some platforms require new players to wait for several hours for the bonus to be activated. Others issue out the bonus immediately.

Casino bonus list reviews great platforms for welcome bonuses regularly. Even though you may not like a casino, take advantage of no deposit bonuses. They introduce you to a platform’s software and usability. You also get to test a few games as you explore the platform.

First Deposit Welcome Bonus

The best casinos match up your first deposit as a signup gift. Fund your account with $100? You get $100 worth of free spins. Some companies offer up to 200% to equal your deposit. Others offer less.

Since every casino has rules surrounding deposit bonuses, read the company policies about accessing the free spins before you make a deposit. You might not be able to withdraw any wins from free spins unless you deposit more money and use it. Some platforms are more lenient and allow you to claim wins related to bonuses after a few spins.

Referral Bonuses

One of the easiest ways to get free spins on casinos is to refer your friends. Nearly every bonus casino offers referral spins or real money. Either way, gambling platforms will pay you when you refer any person to their platform. You get your cash after your friends make a deposit.

The more people you refer, your earnings increase. If you enjoy marketing services and you love casinos, you can make serious money out of it. Start an affiliate site and promote content relate to your favorite gambling platforms. Some casinos pay out up to 20% of what of the amounts deposited by people you refer.

VIP Bonuses

Different from percentage bonuses, this class of casino gifts rewards the high rollers alone. Unlike other bonuses, VIPs get much higher bonuses for their deposits.  $100 may not cut it for the free spins. The cutting line starts at $1000 on many platforms. In return, you get customized services.

Your complaints are listened to immediately. You get access to new games before other players. In some cases, there are games only VIP members can access. Depending on the VIP class, you may benefit from such benefits as holidays. Some casinos have competitions where the highest playing gamblers compete for prizes and real cash rewards.

Reload Bonuses

After you grasp the welcome bonus, check if your casino offers reload bonuses. Most companies offer free spins for the second, third and fourth deposits. A few generous casinos set their reload bonuses depending on the amount deposited. That way, you get a bonus of 25% or more every time you fund your account with a specific amount of money.

Usually, reload bonuses are advertised through email marketing. Some websites may post about their offers on their sites. Once you utilize your first deposit, keep checking your emails. You might be lucky for a 100% reload bonus for the second and third deposits.

Weekly and Monthly Spins

Another way casinos encourage loyalty is to give out bonuses to regular customers. For every deposit you make before after seven days, you could get 25% as a bonus. Some companies set a day of the week. You get 50 spins for every spin you make before the weekend. You could deposit ten times a day and as long as it’s any day before Friday, there is a bonus.

Of course, casinos don’t want to give you free spins every other time. The weekly bonuses are added and scraped off regularly. The rules for accessing weekly bonus wins also change. Read the terms and conditions to determine if the weekly free spins are as free as advertised.

Percentage Bonus

A casino may give you a percentage of your deposit amount as a bonus. Like weekly bonuses, this type of bonus is meant to encourage loyalty. The platform wants you to keep coming back. To entice you, deposit a certain amount and you get 5% or more in free spins.

Percentage reward whale players the most. If you deposit small amounts, your bonus will always be small. Gamers who deposit high amounts of money get more free spins. Fortunately, gaming tends to equalize everyone. You can earn thousands with a single spin

Payment Method Bonus

After casinos introduce a new payment method, they promote them by issuing bonuses. Let’s say the platform enables bitcoin payments. For the first two months, players are entitled to a number of free spins after every deposit. The bonuses can go on for months until the platform gets regular users who pay through that method.

While bonuses based on deposit method offer free spins as well, don’t rush into them. Check out their fee systems first. Ensure the casino doesn’t charge for using that payment method as well. If it’s a convenient payment option, go ahead and try it out for the bonuses.

Holiday Bonuses

Few casinos will deny you a bonus on Christmas, Independence day or and other holidays. Some even give out free spins to celebrate your birthday. If you enjoy free games, always login to your casinos during the holidays.

To Conclude

Every modern online casino runs bonus promotions from time to time. From the time you sign up to one year later, you will always be eligible to free spins. There may be rules on how you withdraw money from bonus wins. But that shouldn’t discourage you from looking forward to the free rewards.

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