Is poker online Indonesia legal?


The legality of online poker differs from one region to the next. The areas that have legalized it have also put in place a regulatory framework. It is important to check whether online poker is legal in your region before you play. However, it is worth noting that the poker regulations in operations apply more to poker websites than the players.

What the tussle between online poker and businesspeople is all about

You might be aware that there are business people who have been fighting poker online Indonesia by petitioning its legality in the regions where it has been legalized. There are also numerous petitions to stop regions that haven’t legalized it from doing so. Some of the grounds presented in the ban petitions are moral rhetoric and the possibility for online scams.

Would anyone believe that these businessmen care so much about societal morals and the safety of clients’ money? The reason behind the attacks on online poker is the profit being made by online poker sites. The most vocal people in this battle are the owners of brick and mortar casinos. So much so that they have come up with well organized and funded movements to prohibit online gambling.

The battles are aimed at preventing live poker players from moving to online poker. These businessmen are trying to protect their profits because they would dwindle if online poker were to be legalized in their regions.

Why legal online poker is underwhelming

In areas where online poker is legal, it is also regulated and heavily taxed. Currently, when you are playing in a region where it is legal, you cannot share tables with someone playing from another legalized area. Therefore, legalized online poker is off to a slow start.

What happens when playing in regions that have not legalized online poker?

Many parts of the world have not legalized or illegalized online poker. It remains gray as far as the area is concerned. There are therefore no regulatory rules to protect any party involved. In such regions, you rely on the reputation of the website in deciding whether to play at the site.

However, some areas have declared online poker as illegal. In such regions, you will have a hard time paying for the game or withdrawing your funds.

The legality or illegality of online poker depends on a particular region. However, the websites are at a higher risk of being subjected to the laws than individual players.


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