It is all due to the horse races that the sporting bet was born


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Indeed, over the last century, some men have started to give odds to horse races and baseball games in the United States. This novelty very quickly necessitated the creation of the profession of bookmaker. Although sports betting nowadays have many varieties, it is mutual betting, still relevant, that was the first to be formalized. Of course, bets organized were not at the time unregulated and consisted simply of publishing betting tickets on horse racing in vogue at this time. The bets of the players were simply grouped in a pot. Michel Oller is a little ancestor of the current Bookmaker because he knew how to make this lucrative business by systematically collecting 5% commission on deposits. In terms of winnings, they were paid to the winning bettors according to odds calculated on the basis of stakes. However, it will be necessary to wait so that the mutual bet is made official by the French state. Sports betting have gradually spread to other countries such as United States. Of course, nowadays, sports betting are accessible to everyone from any Internet connection even if the so called “live” bets always make fans happy.

What is the sporting bet today?

As the name suggests, the sports bet is to bet a sum of money in anticipation of the result of a sports event. The bet may relate to several criteria such as the winner of a race or the number of goals scored by a particular team during a match. Each bet is associated with a rating that allows the player to know how much he win can if his prognosis is correct. In reality, the rating depends on the probability that the prognosis is realized. A low score means that the prognosis has a good chance of being realized and vice versa. Your potential payoff when you make a sports bet is the amount of your bet multiplied by the odds associated with your prognosis. Of course, your actual profit is the amount at which you must first subtract the original amount of your bet. Take a simple example you decide to bet on a football match between Lyon and Marseille. From different criteria, the bookmaker gives Marseille favorite. This means that in view of these criteria, the Marseille team has the best chance of winning the match. You then have three possibilities of Paris rated differently according to this estimate, namely Of course, if your prognosis is wrong, you lose your entire bet.

Definition of a sports betting site

At a time when bookmakers are flourishing on the web, it is becoming more and more difficult for players to choose their gaming platform in order to carry out their sports betting. Through this article, we will try to define the role of the bookmaker and online betting sites. We will study their functioning and the advantages that some of them put forward. This is to help you make the right choice. In order to know more about the sportsbook pay per head, you may always take the help of the internet.

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