Know the Slots Machines and How to Win in Them


Slot machines are the most popular games, both in real and online casinos. They are fun to play, and the profit is immediate. Of course, there are many variations to them which we will cover in this article, so before you start looking for the best casino bonuses online, you should really read this article to have a good understanding how you can win a lot at the slots, by playing with a controlled bankroll.

We will start by covering some of the most popular and worth your while slots machines, their features and payout options, and then share the best and most useful tips you should know in order to win the slots machines, and enrich your bankroll, so let’s start.

Classic line slots

These typical machines have 3 symbols on every reel, and the goal is to line the symbols on one line. There are multi-line slots machine as well, with 3 lines and 3 reels, but their principle is the same – in order to win, you must align the same symbols across the reels.3

Video slots

An advanced version of the previous one, with a lot of action. They have 5 reels and 5-21 lines. They also usually come with attractive special effects, both visual and audio, that the classic ones don’t have. While slots are basically a game of luck, multiple lines and reels provide with more possible combinations for winning. In other words, video slots, as compared to the classic slots, improve your chances to win and make a profit. And that is our first tip.

Multiplier slots

You may have heard that the preferred play on slots is “Max bet”. However, if you don’t want to do this, then try multiplier slots. They don’t promise you bonuses for the maximal betting, but the payouts are still very nice.

Bonus feature slots

This entertaining type of slots offers a game inside a game. A certain combination of symbols triggers additional game features, and you are redirected to a new screen with endless possibilities for additional cash or free spins. Hitting this combination is not always that easy, but it sure adds more fun to the entire experience.

Bonus multiplier online slots

These are actually not the combination of the previous two. In this type of slots, you get a bonus in case of maximum betting and winning. One coin wins you two, for 2 coin you get paid 4, and the max bet of 3 coins gets you 8 and not 6, which includes the bonus.

These are the slots that give enormous payouts, with prizes going up as high as millions of dollars! All the slots and casinos in the network feed one progressive pot, and whoever wins it – wins big. You can see the number on the display climbing up, sometimes starting at as much as $100,000.

Mega spin slots

This is for the players who feel like playing just one slot is not enough. This online type of slots connects between 3 to 9 games at the same type, which mean that you can get up to 45 reels to play with. Most of the time these are 3 or 5 reel slots, and with a single bet and push of a button – you spin all of them. Naturally, you spend more money per spins, but the rewards can be truly enormous.

243 ways to win slots

Instead of sticking to the classic lines, this slots game offers 243 different winning combinations regardless of the lines. This is much more exciting than the classic games, where the possible payouts are limited. With 243 ways to win, the rewards can be potentially astounding, so this kind of slot can really worth your while.

3D slots

No, these do not require 3D glasses. 3D slots are a three-dimensional graphical imagery filled with themes, animation, interesting characters and other engaging movie-like content. The variety of formats is wide and exciting, and many big companies offer it, since it’s very popular and fun to play.

Tips to winning

Even though slots are a game of luck, there are some ways that will make sure that your winning chances as well as your enjoyment are at their maximal level.

  1. Before you even start, decide what your bankroll is going to be – and stick to that amount no matter what. This is how you will ensure that you enjoy the game without losing more than you can afford or even thinking about the money. A good idea would be opening a different account, independent of your daily expenses. Consider any form of an online wallet.
  2. When you decide on an online casino, check its slots payouts odds, not just its reputation. The odds vary from casino to casino, and this difference will influence your chances of making a profit.
  3. In addition, decide on a specific slots machine according to its unique odds. In most of the cases, the machines with the highest coin value are also the ones that have the highest odds to win.
  4. Remember the types of slots that we have reviewed and choose them accordingly. The 3 reels machines have the best odds, while the progressive ones have bigger payouts. Make a wise decision here; understand how each game will affect your bankroll.
  5. Carefully go through all the rules applied to that machine. Different machines may have different lines and bonuses, so make the most of them.
  6. Check the coin’s denominations and the minimal number of coins, see how much you need to max bet in order to activate all pay lines. This is how you will ensure that you don’t lose your entire bankroll fast, and you also won’t miss out the participation in the jackpot because you didn’t max bet.
  7. Slot machines are operated by Random Number Generators. Don’t fall in love with a specific machine, just because you convince yourself that it’s lucky. Avoid superstitions and recognizing patterns that are simply not there. If you’re on a losing streak, take a break, do something else or switch a game.
  8. Stick to the following money-saving pattern: bet higher sums when you’re winning and bet less once you’re on a losing streak. This will prolong your play and your bankroll, giving you more chances to win.
  9. And the most important tip of all – know when to quit. Don’t be greedy, don’t chase your losses or think that you will never lose. Don’t become too emotional and attached to the game; know when to move away from it for a while. Don’t lose your entire bankroll because of the wrong decisions.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it informative. Understanding the different slots machines, how they operate and their features, combining with the information and tips in this article, will help you become a winning slots player.

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