Mastering The Art Of Professional Poker Playing


Playing the game of poker is not just about winning. In fact it is more about sustained wins than it is about the actual act of winning. Any win which needs to be sustained in the long run needs good techniques, practise and a strong psychological set-up.  Cash games as well as tournaments especially for poker need concentration and a strong will power to maintain what is known as the “poker face” or the poker players alias so that the opponents never ever get to understand what a person feels.

3 types of poker play

Generally speaking the game of poker can be strategically played in three different ways. They are:

  • A strong hand leading top aggressive play in order to win really big,
  • A weak hand making for passive play with a determination to win and
  • Aggressive power play compelling the opponent with a better hand to fold up.

But each of these strategies are based on 5 fundamental techniques which every professional poker player must know irrespective of the poker players alias he uses.

5 basics of professional poker play

Every poker player plays to win. This dream of winning big at poker can actually be converted into reality by:

  • Knowing beforehand the cards which can be played so as to get the best advantage in the game,
  • Never revealing ones holdings so that the chosen cards can be played correctly and making the element of surprise ones best ally,
  • Choosing correctly the best game to play,
  • Major decisions need to be taken in a simplified manner with a cool demeanour so that the opponent remains confused to the actual purpose of the decision taken and
  • Making adjustments based on the type of game the opponent is playing so as to take the best advantage of their weaknesses.

Mastering these five fundamentals paves the way for a poker player to become a successful professional; one who is looked upon with awe for the consistent winning streak that he displays.