Most Popular Slot Machines: Book of Ra


Do you have a fascination for the Egyptian Era that extends far beyond their excellence in the field of architecture? The cinemas seem to have been in awe of everything that even remotely wreaks “Egyptian.” It wasn’t just the pyramids that made the cut; even dolling up and the use of cosmetics evolved from the Egyptians. And you would think what more could there be to the Egyptians.

Brace yourselves – casino games seem to be pretty inspired by the Egyptians as well, specifically – Book of Ra classic, Book of Ra casino, which further spills on to video slots,and free slots online.The icing on the cake is that you can play these from the comfort of your home in your pajamas! However, for the maximum user experience, let’s try and get a peek into the game to help you understand things a little deeper:

Book of Ra Classic

This library release is the first in the series and has been lurking around for a while. It does a walkthrough of an archeologist in the quest of a secret mantra to resurrect Ra – the Egyptian God, ruler of the Earth, sky, and the underworld. The slots machine adaptation of this adventure takes it to a whole new level. You’ll find yourself drawn into a mysticaljourneywhile you’re collecting coins along the way. Take a chance at the FREE version of the game to get a real-time feel of it.

Book of Ra Deluxe

Further to the Classic version came the updated, improved version of this crowd-favorite with video slots all the way. You can look forward to extraordinary gameplay graphics with ancient Egypt as the backdrop; the player needs to hunt for hidden treasures of the Pharaohs. This version seems to be popular with beginners and professional players alike.

Book of Ra Roulette

This is the latest in the league of the Book of Ra series, which is a hybrid variety of the Classic slot and European Roulette table game all rolled into one. Unlike its predecessors, this casino favorite offers a diverse, unusual outlook to the older versions. The intention is to give users a real-life roulette experience blended with a touch of “casino” to get the ball rolling.

Free? What’s the Catch?

Seriously, there’s no catch! Playing Book of Ra doesn’t need you to register. You just need to head to Quasar Gaming and Futuriti Casino, and it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Besides having a rollicking time at casino gaming, you’ll have access to virtual money without the ordeal of signing up. What’s more? There’s the undying opportunity to visit similar casino websites with amazing user-experience as well.

Learn to Play Like a Pro

If you’re a sucker for slot games, your journey is incomplete till you have tried your hand at the Book of Ra series of video slots and the free online version. This stellar casino game is here to stay for longer than you might think. For what it’s worth,the Book of Ra Classic has been getting a lot of “Wows” over the internet and in land-based casinos in 2017. Looks like this year has been extremely profitable for this casino favorite, don’t you think?


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