Most Popular Slot Themes 


Slots are one of the most popular casino games in land-based casinos and online and are based purely on luck so there are no special skills or strategies involved which makes slots simple, easy and fun to play.  Many slots today have high quality animations and sound and there are a wide range of different slots to choose from.

Themed slots are found predominantly online and casino game developers are constantly creating new slots and improving the way these slots are offered to players.

Seasonal Slots

Slots with a seasonal theme are always a hit with casino players and developers of these slots will take advantage of certain celebrations such as Christmas, Halloween or St Patrick’s Day and develop slot games around these themes.  These are always popular and online casinos will find that their player membership will rise during these times.

Movie Themed Slots

Slots based on movies are always a popular choice for online casino players and many people seem to have an appeal for anything related to Hollywood.  These movie themed slots will often feature movie clips, music and the cast from the movie.  Popular movie themed slots include The Dark Knight, Lord of the Rings, Iron Man, King Kong and a host of other popular movies.  Many of these slots also come with generous jackpots which are always a bonus.

Vegas Themed Slots

For players who love Vegas there are a range of Vegas themed slots that emulate those found on the Strip. They are the perfect online slots Canada options for players who can’t get to the City of Sin, but want to enjoy the same style of gaming. Many of these feature 3D graphics with high quality special effects, graphics and soundtracks which are known in Vegas.  These slots are animated with Vegas style symbols such as decks of cards, dice, lucky number 7’s and roulette wheels.  Popular Vegas themed slots include Wheel of Fortune, Vegas show and Lucky Diamonds.

Magic Themed Slots

Magic holds a fascination for many and there are many online slots with a magic theme.  Slots developers have taken this fascination and developed slots that contain magical elements and using them in their bonus rounds and on the reels.  Players will be transported to the world of wizards and witches, crystal balls and magic spells abound.  Magic themed slots include games such as Legend of Terra, Book of Magic and Book of Spells and many MMO’s have been the inspiration for this type of game.

Music Themed Slots

Music themed slots are based on famous bands such as Guns ‘n Roses and Kiss as well as popular singers like Elvis.  During these games players will be able to listen to the music of the particular band or artists and as players hit the winning reels more songs will play.  Players may even get to see real live footage of these bands throughout the game.

Superhero Themed Slots

Slots with a comic or superhero theme are amongst the most played slots and the great news is that most of these have large jackpots.  The graphics are well-designed and have 3D animations in many of them and are true to their designers such as Marvel.  If movies have been made of the particular slot there may be movie clips during the game as well as the theme song.

Themed slots are a popular choice for online slots players and feature a wide variety of high quality slots with 3D graphics, animations and the choice of paylines.

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