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What is Multilotto’s Casino?

Multilotto’s Casino is an official online gaming portal based in the capital of Malta. The background, license and the permit of this online casino are granted by the Malta Gaming Authority. Ministry of Finance Multilotto’s Casino offers betting services, lotteries and at the same time, it offers competitive bets which are absolutely secure in their action. Most importantly, the website is available eighteen different languages which allow people from several regions to play with ease and convenience without any difficulty in understanding of the language.

Range of Games Offered

Multilotto’s Casino offers a wide range of different varieties of games which provide the gamers with a number of choices. This variety of choices provided is one of the primary sources of attraction for the players since it creates a lot of interest in their mind. There are two general categories of games that are currently offered by Multilotto’s Casino, and under each category, one can find several other games as well, the details of which as mentioned below.

Featured Games

Under the category of featured games are –

  • Black Jack
  • TSX Hold’em Poker
  • Video Poker
  • Five Lines Poker

Fun Games

The games found under this category are as follows –

  • After Dark
  • Black Pearl
  • Farmer Jack
  • Fruit Jack
  • Hunter’s Dream 2
  • Multiplay 81
  • Super Star 27
  • Triple Wild Seven

The above – mentioned games are the most popular of the games that are offered by Multilotto’s Casino and apart from these there are several others that you can find by visiting the casino at Multilotto.

Different Types of Bonuses Available

Multilotto’s Casino boasts of providing the players with the best of casino bonuses that is simply unmatched to any other similar online gaming portal. The players are treated with high value and are rewarded with great casino bonuses every week. Most importantly, these bonuses are a no deposit bonus. Multilotto’s Casino simply credits the bonus to the account of the registered players which makes it very convenient for the players since several unimportant procedures of claiming the bonus can be skipped here. The types of bonuses offered as mentioned below.

  • Deposit Bonus – This bonus is the most popular category which is given to the new players who sign up or register themselves. In the later part, the players need to make some deposit in order to get the deposit bonus as indicated by the name of the bonus. The deposit amount by the player is multiplied by a certain percentage and is credited to the account of the user.
  • Free Spins with Turnover Requirement – As indicated by the name, free spin is a type of casino bonus that allows the players a free spin of the reels on the video slot by the use of casino credits. With the help of the free spin, the players can generate earnings without having to use any of their funds from their accounts. Any winnings, in this case, has to be turned over according to the rules.
  • Free Spins without Turnover Requirement–This is almost similar to the above – mentioned free spin procedure but the difference is that in the case of no winnings are locked to any requirements of turnover and the withdrawn is immediate here.
  • Deposit and a Free Spin – This is a bonus that allows the player a free spin on specific games when the players make some deposits. In this case more deposit means more number of free spins.

Security and Fairness

The safety and fairness in the way that the games are conducted are the most important feature of Multilotto’s Casino. For all sorts of payment transactions, secure connections are used for the prevention of any unauthorized access. Multilotto’s Casino uses SSL encryption for the protection of all the and sensitive and confidential information online.

Customer Support

Multilotto’s Casino provides the best customer support to the players 24*7 whose main aim is hundred percent customer satisfaction. The technical support is available only via email where all the queries of players are responded within two working days.


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