About Free Hour Bonuses


To attract new customers, online casino offers many valuable bonuses to new players like no deposit bonuses or welcome bonus or first deposit bonuses. Some casinos also provide a particular kind of bonus called free hour casino bonus. The free hour bonus is even more profitable than the welcome bonus offered by several online casinos. For example, check online-casino-espana.es bonuses. You may win up to $200 during a free hour play and if the minimum deposit in a casino account is $20 then you will get 1,000% first deposit bonus. If you match this with the standard 100% welcome bonuses you may like to take benefit of the free hour casino bonus.

The free hour casino bonus is a highly popular bonus type which is very beneficial for the player and for the online casinos also. It is just like a no deposit casino bonus which implies that no need to spend your hard-earned money to win real cash. Since you register on a casino with a free hour bonus so you have 60-minutes to try out the casino games and decide on whether you like it to play or not. And only after that make a deposit if you want. It will be your choice!

This sort of bonus draws new players to sign up full-time by providing them the chance to play for free and win big, without having to hand any of your money over. They are the best kind of bonuses, and for this cause, they are difficult to get. If you want to find out a new site and get used to the system and things work, is this one for you or not? Especially gratifying because it’s completely free. General terms and conditions apply, of course, as well as wagering requirements.

As we already mentioned, it doesn’t require any deposit. You claim this bonus and online casino provides you some amount of cash and an hour to play free. You can then cash out your casino winnings you made. This time-based bonus is typically awarded on a weekly basis, and can usually be applied at any casino the group that offers them carries in their listings.

This bonus, though it is complicated to find, really is a way to get ahead of the game in the gambling world. Watch out for the constraints listed on the casino you have chosen to play and make sure you utilize the offer the best way possible, so read on to the end of this article to make sure you don’t slip anything important.

Free Hour bonuses are a great type of promotion available to everyone. You get this kind of promotion at Microgaming online casinos because these bonuses usually offered by the developers themselves than the online establishment.

The casino will credit your account with a no-deposit bonus of up to $1500 and from then you have an hour in which to win an amount greater than the bonus amount that you start with. The result is a reward of a bonus amount that is higher than the amount given to you for free during the promotion. It’s a great promotion which allows you to play without risk and helps you get a good idea of what that particular casino has to offer you.

Why Is FreeHour Casino Bonus So Popular?

There is no surprise that this bonus draws so many new players. To gain a free hour bonus, you need to register at a casino that provides it in the first place. The Aussie player is in more luck comparing to citizens of other developed countries like the US or Europe Union. Because online gambling in Australia is entirely legal and the casinos make their excellent offers freely and fight for visitors in severe competition. But it doesn’t mean that they are not popular in other countries. And this is the main reason why casino titans offer free hour play no deposit to their new players. The free casinos bonuses attract new regular players in this method (since the bulk of gamblers choose to stay at these casinos once they have tried their sturdy sides) and the players receive the chance to play for free with no risk to their cash.

How Does This Bonus Work?

It is same as anything else that requires creating an account to transfer your hard-earned money out of your pocket; the method is simple: register for a new account and start playing. Free hour bonus works same line no-deposit bonus, but it’s a one-step-up: they offer you enough money to play with. What’s the deal, I listen you ask? Only some free mouse tricks, right? Well, not all the time. This bonus does bring in loads of money provided that you are:

  1. a) smart enough
  2. b) understand what to do
  3. c) fulfilled wagering requirements.

You see, different online casinos provide a different amount of free money; though, they all have the terms and conditions.

So, to claim this bonus, you will need to

  • Download the preferred casino,
  • Create an account, as a genuine player;
  • Click the Start Free Play button and enjoy

You will then be offered free casino credits and will require to start playing to get the minimum bet amount within an hour.

These casinos offer nearly 500 first-class Microgaming casino games. You have to select from a specially chosen range of slots, video poker, and table games. Maximum win on the free hour is $100. Then you will have to set 20 or more bets and win $20 over the first free bonus money, to gain your winnings. To declare your winnings – you must make a minimum deposit of $20 into your casino account.

When to Go for Free Hour Bonus?

Free hour bonus, in general, is a great thing, if you can find them. So the reply to the question is always. But gaming strategy and sharp tactics matter to take benefit of this bonus. Use your sources carefully and make sure you do your study before playing hard. So this bonus is excellent put to great use if:

  • You’re ruined
  • You’re finding a new casino website, particularly if you’re not sure about it, so you don’t want to gamble your money
  • You want to go for a huge bonus, but you don’t want to put your money at stake. By that we mean feverishly hitting Max Bet in the excited and most serious games ever that guarantee significant risks in exchange for substantial results: you’re not risking anything, so, it is perfect.

Terms and Conditions

The free hour casino bonus is a convenient way to try out a casino online and see what it is about before you deposit any money. The players should remember though, that there will always be some fixed terms and conditions connected to any casino bonus. It is only logical, because otherwise the gamblers would make withdrawals right after they win some real cash with the bonus money and then leave a casino for good! But as a rule the terms and conditions are easy to follow. They usually include the need to download casino software, to meet wagering requirements (remember that different casino games will reach the wagering terms and conditions at different scales) and to make some minimum set deposit. There may be some additional requirements too, and the gamblers should be concerned to learn them before joining a casino. Especially if we remember that players from some countries are not qualified for the casino no deposit bonus at all!

In case of some games the conditions add registering an account, confirming the account and verifying that you are over 18 years old by giving a valid Credit or Debit card, playing the bonus through and making bets no higher than the estimated amount. The bonus itself is free, and you can keep playing for the full hour with no conditions attached. Pay attention only, that some games like Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps and others will clear the wagering requirements at a lower rate than usual and Pai-Gow Poker and Blackjack will count just some percent towards the wagering requirements.

As with the bulk of online casinos, there will always be a set of terms and conditions that apply to the use of their bonus. We again suggest that carefully read these in advance before initiating any bonuses to avoid any kinds of troubles and failures.

With the free hour bonus, you must make at least 100 bets as well as earn more in winnings than your initial bonus amount before your casino account is credited with a bonus award. It’s always good to understand that when playing under these conditions to bet quite big to get your profit purpose, then narrow down the betting into smaller sized bets to meet the wagering requirements

To explain the terms and conditions of this bonus in detail, let’s take an example. An online casino of Microgaming gives $500 free play bonus to fresh players at the time they create a casino account. Players have 60 minutes to do their best and earn some money. The bonus can be applied to play games like video poker, table games, and slots. To receive your winnings, you have to place 20 or more bets and win $20 over the initial $500. To claim your winnings, you must make a minimum deposit of $50. The maximum win on the free hour casino bonus is $150.

Happy Hours Bonus

Several casinos have a special bonus for their players such as Happy Hour Bonus. But you’ll have to rush to get this because this offer is limited, such as Tuesday, 20 September, 2018 only. The name Happy Hour is like a misnomer, though, because the bonus is continuing all day from 12:01:00 a.m. to 11:59:00 p.m.

Happy Hour is an opportunity that lasts for a limited time only, up to twelve or twenty-four hours. The bonus it opens out to the game is randomized and it comes out randomly as time passes. Some Happy Hour perks are meant for completed games, some are meant for games in the process, and some can be used at any point of play in a game.

How to Participate in the Happy Hour?

This is what you have to do to get the benefit of the Happy hour:

  • Log in to your casino account and select the Happy Hour offer from Available Bonuses.
  • Deposit $20 or $20+. (according to wagering terms and conditions)
  • Bet a minimum of $100 on any game. (according to wagering terms and conditions)

Then your name will be registered into a random pool where 20 lucky players, maybe you, will each win a $50 bonus! The picture will take place, and all the winners will be revealed that day.

While it is okay that the casino is giving players who wager more than, for example, $100 minimum additional opportunities to win, the fact that there is no limit on the number of entries one player can amass does give a finished edge to high rollers. Even so, one thing you should not do is step up your wagering out of your comfort zone to make additional entries.

Advantages of Free Hour Casino Bonuses

  • Free – free hour casino no deposit bonus is excellent for new players who plan on joining an online casino. This bonus does not need you to spend your money but gives you casino money instead.
  • Learn strategy – you can get familiarized with the casino and the games that it provides and also work on your gambling policy.
  • Don’t risk your cash – The most significant advantage of the casino free play bonus is that you do not spend your own money.

Also players can have the winnings they make with these bonuses which is really admirable. Even though they have to make a minimum deposit to claim the winnings, they can still amass them as a bonus and, in addition to the initial deposit, they can start with pretty big bankroll.