How to choose an online poker game if you are a new player?


Online poker can be a scary thing for most of the newbie players. Maybe you have all the strategies of playing poker in a land based casino. But when it comes to online poker games, you feel hesitated to start off. If you are a new player, the first thing that you should have is your updated software and a strong internet connection.


Ways to choose the right poker game for you:

  • Start playing with the free options– Play the games that are available for free at first. You need to play free games so that you can learn the gaming methods step by step. Once you become accustomed to the way of playing each of the poker games, you can start participating in the contests by staking cash. However, there is no guarantee that you will win the bet every single time. With more practice and skills, your winning rate percentage will be much more. Some of the free games include 888poker, poker99, partypoker etc.
  • Know about the poker room– You can start playing by single table however you will have variety of options to choose from when choosing the poker room. Before choosing the poker room, you need to consider a lot of things like- traffic, security, VIP schemes, functionality and features of the software and the games offered. The bets and the prizes vary from one poker room to the other. Do not target for a very high bet that you won’t be able to reach. Also you need to ensure that the poker room you choose have all the upgraded software features, preferred seating and automatic rebuys.
  • Understanding the type of games– The best thing about online poker games is that you are being exposed to a hell lot of gaming options. You have an access to different type of poker games- cash games like domino99, sin and go games, multi-table games and so much more! Another interesting type of poker game is the satellite tournament which gives access to the players a wide range of major poker tournaments that too with a small cost. These type of games have big guarantee packages and big size fields. It is purely based on the player’s survival till he earns the cash.


  • Understanding the different kinds of bonuses– Every game has different kind of bonuses for the new players who sign up for the first time on the website. The conditions and size of the bonus may vary but the bonus size that you will receive entirely depends on the amount of deposit that you make. Every bonus requires have certain criteria and requirement that you need to fulfill before you can actually withdraw the money. However there are certain games which help you to earn bonus without depositing any kind of cash.

Lastly, you should have an adequate knowledge about where your money is going, and the easiest way to make your deposits. Also, be clear about the payment terms and conditions and the other methods.