Pay Per Head Software at Casinos: How Do They Work?


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Casinos have evolved a lot over the years. Like sound effects, online gambling market, enhanced graphics, and lot more, software has brought a new revolution in the online casino industry. This advanced technology has improved HD videos and gaming system as players get lost in the game as much as they are in a conventional casino. But before that, the bookie has to perform manually. It was a very time-consuming process, which included answering phone calls, recording bets, and tracking finances. But, the technical world’s casino pay per head software has changed it by making it automatic.

It gives more time to the bookie to look for new clients. It is like an outsourcing service, which helps you in earning more money by managing the business. The bookmaker gives complete knowledge of online pay per head casino to clients. The company provides 24 hours betting service every single day. It’s not limited to the sports books, but also includes horse racing and access to live casino. Bookies use the company’s online system to assign a password and PIN to the client and pay a modest fee for using the services of the company.

When people use casino pay per head software, they need to follow these major steps:

  • The bookie finds local clients and signs them to bet on sports. He supplies information of every customer to the head of bookmaking service. In exchange for accepting bets, monitoring scores, and managing finances, the company charges some fee per head of active bettors. The fee depends upon the firm.
  • The client can contact the call center for the price per head and to make bets after signing up. An alternate option is to place a wager on your favorite team by logging into a desktop website or a mobile website and use the online betting software. He should use the password and PIN for this. It keeps track of the bets, so there is no need for a bookie to answer numerous calls.  
  • The companies itself monitor scores and make records of win or loss of the client. Casino pay per head software automatically calculates the account balances of the client. As the bookie does not require maintaining spreadsheets or ledgers, this has saved time and prevents calculation errors too.
  • After the completion of a sports event, the customer can log in to the website or contact the call center to know about their balances. The local bookie handles payments and delivers it to the winners. He pays the flat fee and does not need to relinquish any percentage of his earnings.

There seems to be a lot of debate that pay per head software method is really better than the old way. By seeing its facts, we can clearly say that this online method has more potential than the conventional method. All in all, this software is beneficial for both the parties. The best thing is that bookmakers do not devote their full time to this. In the spare time, they can find new clients for the service.


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