Play Slot Games and Win Money


Slot games are one of the most popular online casino games. Though all the slot games by the reputed casinos are random and fair, there are few tips you can follow to increase your winnings by choosing a winning slot machine.

If you play slots just for fun without cash then you can indulge in any game you wish to but if you play slots for real cash, then a lot more research is needed which is explained below.

Choose Online Slots Which Gives the Highest Payouts:

It is quite obvious that choosing a slot online game which gives the highest payout on average increases your chances of winning real cash. You should check the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of the online casino to help you decide if it is the right casino to play slots. You can easily find the RTP of an online casino in search engines and within the website itself of particular slot games.

The RTP varies between 92-97% hence make sure to go for a slot game which gives an RTP of 96% or more.

Dig Deeper to Find the Right Slot Machine:

Every casino displays a featured game on its homepage and many players are attracted to these games without exploring more options. Any online casino which is regulated and licensed will play fair but still, the casino wants your money hence they try to push a game to you by featuring it on their main page. Instead of just playing the featured slot games, dig a little deeper within the site itself to go through all the options and its RTP available

Bet Higher:

Winning big also means you need to invest big. If you invest a small amount, how will a slot machine award you big? Even if you win the jackpot, your minimum investment would be the reason why you don’t win big. As the slot payout is proportional to your deposit for the game, to win more you will have to take the risk of depositing more amount. Yes, if you lose, you will lose big so if you intend to just play for fun then you can stick to small deposits but if you really wish to win, then you will need to take higher risks.

Use Benefits of Free Spins:

Many reputed casinos offer free spins along with welcome bonus.  It is risk free and the results can give you more in-depth of the game before you play with your deposits. Be sure to read all terms and conditions before signing up and check for hidden terms and conditions for withdrawals.


Read Reviews by Other Players:

You can always trust the other players’ experience by reading their ratings and reviews on comments or social media. You can also reach out to individual players to learn from their experience.

Choose Your Preferred Volatility of Slots:

Volatility is measured by the risk involved in playing a slot machine for real money and this factor also determines how big you can win. Low volatility means frequent but smaller wins and high volatility means rarer but bigger wins. It is individual players preference about the amount of risk they wish to take.

Again, you can search for it. But this factor is rarely publicized by the providers, thus, less often found by reading online reviews.

Volatility is not usually given publicly, and the data is difficult to find. You can easily figure it out by playing a few games in the slot machine which can be analyzed to understand the volatility rate. Using free spins to understand the volatility rate is the best as it is risk free.

So, how to play slots to win money? To have a winning streak, online slot games which gives high payout, decent bonuses, good reviews and volatility of your choice are the ones you should choose from.

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