Pokers At a Price: Your Choices


As with other poker variants, the remaining player with the highest combination wins. The trick with judi online poker is that you have no idea what the other players at the table have for cards. Bluffing is therefore extra important. If you only want to change one card, this can be a sign to the others that you already have four good cards, while you can also do this to mislead the others. This makes Draw poker a pretty psychological game.


In addition to the poker variants that you have to play against other players, there is also video poker available. With video poker it is true that according to a pay-table you will receive your winnings and not play against the ‘computer’. Video poker often works according to the rules of draw poker. As a player, you receive five cards and you can choose whether you want to trade them in. Which combinations you can make at the end of the pot determine how much money you win. In the pay table, the casinos take into account the probability that a combination will occur. This allows them to build in a small house advantage. The great thing about video poker is that you can always play it, but the disadvantage is that, for example, bluffing is not a factor. It is still necessary to have a good strategy and trade in the right cards, but it is slightly less technical than some other poker variants.

Play poker in physical casinos and arcades

In the Netherlands it is only possible at the land-based casinos of the Holland Casino to play poker under the guidance of a real croupier. According to the law, only this company may offer the casino game. The amusement halls / arcades, of which you can find a few in each city, may only offer machines and equipment and not table games with a live dealer. You can always find poker machines at these amusement halls. We have already explained above how these devices work.

Different versions of video poker

In addition, different versions of video poker are available. Most machines are a variation on draw poker, where you are dealt a hand and have the option to exchange one or more cards. The payout of video poker often starts with a few farmers. All combinations that are higher than a few farmers pay more. The less often the combination occurs, the more money you win. There are also video poker games where the payout starts from a few tens.

In addition, extra features are possible with video poker. Think of wilds among other things. Often a certain card is the wild; that is, for example, the two are wild and therefore act as a kind of joker. The two can take all forms and thus gives you more options to make good combinations with your cards. In addition, there are regular progressive jackpots associated with a particular video poker game.