The Rules You Need to Know About Online Casino


The conditions for, among other things, the welcome bonus are of great importance to read well. The welcome bonus at an online casino is often tens or even hundreds of euros, but there are conditions attached to this before you can keep the money and have it paid out. Often these are things like:

  • ‘Playing around’ the money several times: bet the bonus money multiple times at various casino games
  • The bonus is sometimes only valid for, for example, the casino section or the sportsbook department of an online casino.
  • A maximum of one account per IP address may use the bonus.

You will only receive the bonus after the deposit of a minimum amount 

If you do not meet the rules of the welcome bonus or the other bonus promotion, then you cannot have the amount paid out and you may have to return the bonus amount. So handle this carefully and read the conditions carefully. With a good online casino you can also ask for more information at the help desk if you are not sure about the rules concerning the bonus. A visit to  makes you understand the requirements and how to fill it.

Minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal can vary considerably per casino. However, there are virtually no online casinos where no minimum has been set. In the unique case that this is indeed the case, a percentage of the withdrawal must often be paid to the online casino. This is to prevent people from paying out every euro they win immediately, so that the casinos have a lot more work to do with it. The minimum is often at 10 euros, but is up to 30 euros at some online casinos.

Maximum withdrawal

The maximum withdrawal can differ at various online casinos. The absence of a maximum is rare, but the exact high varies and can apply per transaction or per day or month. As a player you naturally prefer to gamble at an online casino where you can have a possible jackpot paid out quickly. It is therefore wise to choose a casino with no payout limit or a provider with a high maximum withdrawal.

Common restrictions are, in addition to the minimum and maximum withdrawal, the frequency of payment. Paying out is usually only a limited number of times in a certain time period. And money that has been deposited may not immediately be paid out again. This is, among other things, to prevent money laundering via the online casino. In addition, a restriction is that your account must be verified before you can cash out. Anyone who creates an account at an online casino must have this verified. The online casinos check on the basis of documents supplied whether someone is who he says he is. You may need to provide a copy of your passport before an account can be verified. As long as this is not the case, no withdrawal can be made.


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