Reasons Why Casinos Aren’t What You Think They Are


People have various notions about a casino. For those with financial difficulties or those who would want to attain great fortune instantly, they see it as mine gold and the answer to their desire for immense wealth.Some on the other hand considered casino just a glitzy gambling spot where they can also enjoy other forms of entertainment at the same time while the serious gamblers or professional players view a casino as an income generating opportunity.

Plenty of patrons have come to believe tons of things about the casinos but not all if it is facts. Some are just myths or senseless beliefs and others are stories yet to be proven real.


Below are the common misconceptions about casinos and why they are not what you think.

  • Playing casino gamesis not a sustaining and stable source of livelihood. You can’t expect to win all the time and get a monthly income from gambling. There are times that you’ll go home broke. Even the pros can attest to that.
  • Casino comps are not actually free as you think. It comes from your losses. Free booze are meant to cloud your sound judgement so you’ll most likely to gamble longer and make more mistakes to their advantage. The other high end comps are given to high rollers and if you get enticed, you will bet bigger and spend much so as to be qualified for comps.Online casinos also offer comps you can utilize to enhance your gambling experience. Exploit Golden Slot online casino’s sign in bonus and no deposit bonus or enjoythe free spins bonus in their Goldenslot machines.
  • Casinos won’t make you an instant millionaire. Yes, there may be stories about first timer bagging a million jackpots but it is also a very rare scenario. Those who have won huge prizes have already invested a lot of time and money. You don’t even have an idea how much money they’ve lost or what they have been through before finally winning.
  • Gambling is a game of chance so there is no system that can beat the casinos in the long term no matter what kind of strategies you will use. Though some games have lower house edge just like craps, blackjack and baccarat. You’re chances of winning is higher compared to keno or wheel of fortune games.
  • Casinos now promote responsible gambling but this doesn’t mean they are really concern for your welfare and therefore would stop you if you’re already gambling more and losing much.Casino generates profits through gamblers. The more gambling addicts the better for the casino’s economy.


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