The Beginning Better’s Guide to Online Baccarat Strategy


Baccarat In The Casinos

Baccarat is considered to be the number one casino game that is being played by the betters from all across the world. It is a card game which is designed especially for the casinos and has picked up in the last decade or so, not just in the casinos of the traditional casino going countries such as the USA, Italy, France, etc. but also surprisingly in the Asian continent. 

The current scenario relating to the game of baccarat in these casinos is such that around 88% of the casinos today have reported that the largest share of the money that is being circulated in their pool is coming from Baccarat itself.

A Popular Game

Due to this increased popularity for the game of Baccarat, the casino owners, as well as the avid casino players, have an increased interest in knowing and playing baccarat at the casinos. This craze for baccarat has increased tremendously, such that even online casino games have now included Baccarat in their line-up. 

People who are unable to go to casinos to gamble are now switching on to these online casino games and showing the greatest amount of interest in the card game of Baccarat. So what is it in this simple card game that is attracting so many players from all across the world? Let us find out.


Baccarat is considered to be the best game for anyone who is a beginner in the casinos. Being a card game, it is inevitably easier than the other casino games that are available today. A lot of people are looking for baccarat how to play tutorials to win at it big. 

Baccarat has a card deck that consists of aces, tens, face cards, and the other number of cards that have numbers from 1 to 9. The main aim of the players involved in playing baccarat is to make a sum of 9 with the first two cards that they are pulling out of their deck. 

The aces, tens and the face cards are having a value of zero while cards having numerical values from 2 to 9 are taken on their face value. If the first two cards that are taken out by the person sum up to give a total of more than nine, then points are deducted from the total score, and the person does not win. So, in all, the whole game lies on the fact that the first two cards that you pull out from the deck have to make a sum of nine only.

Baccarat and The Bets

Now that you have understood the easy instructions to play the game of Baccarat, you should be aware of the betting system that makes the game a financial affair at the casinos. There are three basic types of bets that the betters can vouch for. The first is the banker’s bet, where the winners have to give a 5% commission to the dealers for a winning bet. 

Then there is a Tie Bet where if there is a tie on any bet, then the winners have to pay a 14% commission but with huge pay-outs. Although the reward is great on these bets, the risk while playing the game is high. Apart from this, the third bet is the Player bet, which is the same as the bankers bet because ultimately, the commission has to be paid to the dealer.

  • Choose Your Bet Wisely

The first strategy that a beginner on the baccarat table must adopt is to choose a bet very wisely. Already, it is explained above that the Tie bet is very risky, although it provides a huge reward. Therefore, a beginner must straightaway avoid making a Tie bet. Now with this, you are left behind with a player bet and a banker bet. 

As the player has to pay a 5% commission on betting on the banker, many of the Baccarat players avoid making the bankers bet. But if you are a beginner, you must make it a point to make a Banker Bet whenever possible because the chances of winning on that bet are higher despite paying out a five percent commission.

  • Play Brief Games

One strategy that has worked very well with the players of Baccarat is to keep the game as brief as possible. Many times, players tend to wait for a long time before they make a move in the game just to anticipate what the other players are doing. In most cases, before the player even gets to do a show of cards, the game is already won by some other player. Therefore, you should make it brief and play sensibly.

  • Don’t Look for Patterns

A very common mistake that most people do while playing any card game is to follow a pattern after they have won a series of games with the same. Since money is being involved in the game of Baccarat, it is advised not to go for silly patterns and make a move in the game. 

Following your gut and playing with strategy is the only way to succeed in Baccarat. The patterns that you may follow are just coincidentally working for you. It is just like putting your money to risk and nothing else.


If you see the big picture, then you can easily identify that it is a simple card game, but once you adopt a good strategy, you can think of winning big at the baccarat table. Strategize according to the players with whom you are going to play and do not try something fancy unless you have full confidence in it.

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