Top 10 poker software and tools


If you like to play poker and if you are looking software and tools dedicated for poker, then this article is definitely for you. Below is a list of popular poker tools available at


AAPoker Converter is a tool for automatic conversion to popular formats supported by well-known trackers, e.g. Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker, Hand2Note. The converter automatically searches for tables and adds HUD to them. Interestingly, AApoker Converter is the most popular tool at Probably high popularity is due to the fact that it is for free. In addition to this tool, you can also find many paid converters, e.g. Coin Poker Converter, Svenska Spel Converter, Klas Poker Converter, RoyalDiamondPokerKonverter, Good Day 4 Play Converter and many others.

Trackers / analytics

Hand2Note is the most popular tool in the trackers and analytics category. It is a program that allows you to view statistics of different players, gives you the opportunity to analyze your results (and compare them with the results of other players). In addition, we will find here the ability to customize HUD and / or PopUps based on position or stack size, you can also create notes and use in many other helpful functionalities. Alternative tools of this type are Xeester, Holdem Manager, GT-HUD, DriveHUD, ProPokerHuds and many more.


In the scripts category, the most popular solution is Magic Seat, which allows you to automatically occupy space at the poker table. Thanks to this, players can sit next to the weaker player, in result you can building your advantage before starting the game.

The second most frequently purchased script is Table Tamer, a software that helps automate various repetitive tasks, e.g. closing pop-ups, clicking on time bank button and many more.

The third most-bought script is StackAndTile. It is software that helps to organize open poker tables on the computer screen.

Analytics tools

Among the analytical tools, the most popular is NewPokerSoft, which offers tools for Hold’em and PLO. These softwareincludePokerCalc, BankrollManagerandEquityCalc.

Summarizing,at donkunter you’ll find a wide selection of great poker tools. If you are looking for tools that will improve your poker game then on this webiste you should find what you were looking for.