Top Reasons Why Indian Players Prefer AstroPay when gambling online


Online casino players are given many options on how to pay for their wagers. There’s a wide range of payment options since one can choose from credit cards, bank transfers, Bitcoins and e-wallets, just to name a few. And one of the most commonly preferred payment options is AstroPay.

What is AstroPay?

AstroPay is a trailblazer in the world of cross-border money transfer as it allows a seamless payment without compromising a user’s security.

AstroPay operates in 12 countries after winning the support of a great number of e-wallets and regional banks to facilitate financial transactions at a localized level.

The cards can be purchased at local banking channels. One has the option to get an AstroPay prepaid card or an AstroPay Visa card. The former only needs to be purchased and registered while the later works like any other debit card.

Why is AstroPay so popular among casino players?

More and more online casino players are choosing to go with AstroPay to fund their deposits. And why not, when this payment channel is jam-packed with benefits?

If you are looking for Indian online casinos that accept AstroPay, then we recommend you check out this page for more information.

Easy To Use

Online gambling players value convenience. And being easy to use is one of the reasons that makes AstroPay a top choice among many.

Players only need to get their hands on an AstroPay card, which is a breeze. One then must create an AstroPay Card account and sign-up for free before heading for the casino’s cashier. It’s practically that simple.

Help keep spending in check

All frequent online casino players know that overspending can happen, all thanks to the wonderful selection of exciting games of the gambling sites.

Fortunately, keeping a tight lid on one’s spending in casino games is possible with this payment gateway. The prepaid option surely helps any player from spending more than what they can afford on games.

Safe and Secure

Many veteran casino players advise others to never use their credit cards to fund their games. After all, one can never be 100 percent confident that a firm will not misuse a client’s information.

What’s great about AstroPay is that it does ask for banking details. This keeps player’s financial information safe especially during these times when big companies’ database can be hacked.

Protects credit score

Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that financial institutions like banks would not grant anyone a loan should gambling transactions appear in the statements of bank accounts or credit cards. And this payment platform allows anyone the chance of gambling while protecting the user’s credit score. After all, financial institutions are unable to identify what kind of transactions are made with AstroPay.