Tutorial and Gaming Instructions for Domino Poker Game


Just like domino qui qui, Bandar Ceme has become a popular betting game in Indonesia and in other South East Asian countries. For those people who are newly starting out, here is an easy tutorial to get you started.

Cards in the Game

The game is played with 28 domino cards deck. The domino cards have two sides separated by a thin line in the centre. The upper side and the lower side of the cards will have coloured dots in them. These coloured dots represent the value of the card. There are 7 different card series:

  1. Series 0: This will have dots either on the upper side or on the lower side only.
  2. Series 1: This will have one dot on the upper or lower side and the other side will have more than one dot.
  3. Series 2: This will have two dots on the upper or lower side.
  4. Series 3: This has three dots on upper or lower side.
  5. Series 4: This has 4 dots on upper or lower side.
  6. Series 5: This has 5 dots on upper or lower side.
  7. Series 6: This has 6 dots on upper or lower side.

Players and the Game

The game has maximum of 8 players – 7 players and 1 banker. The game starts with dealing of 2 cards. Bets are placed during the game on the cards. At close of the round, the value of the cards in hand is added up for each player. If the value of the player’s cards is higher than the banker’s cards, then the banker will pay money equivalent to the player’s bet. If the banker has higher value cards, then the player has to pay money equivalent to his bet to the banker.