What can New Gamblers expect from W88 Online Casino?


W88 leads all other online casinos due to its vast draws and options for betting. The best part of it is that it also takes a leading position when welcoming a new gambler to its site. It is also noteworthy that new gamblers, when they start playing at W88, rarely quits the platform. Because of its excellent gaming experience and interface, and straightforward navigation, it is a hot favorite for gamblers to try their luck.

New gamblers would like some unique attractions and incentives to get involved in the games of their choice. Here too, W88 does it right. It offers some of the highest incentives in the gambling industry, and new gamers are at once glued to games when they login to their new account.

Mindboggling Giveaways at W88

You need to register your name as a member, and after which you will be given a login password and an account. When your membership gets confirmed, you will start on with your first promotion package that the site distributes daily. If you have given your complete personal information, you will be eligible for walking money in Thai baht.

It is easy to become a member if you contact their staff at w88thaime.com,making things even more comfortable. You may also clarify any points or place queries about how much money you need to deposit to start gambling. According to basic rules at W88, the minimum cash you may deposit is 250 baht.

For wagering on games, the minimum betting amount is 25 baht.

Promotion Money and Bonuses

You will find W88 casino as the best way to start your gambling career. If you want the fast withdrawal of your money, it is pretty easy as it takes hardly 15 minutes, irrespective of whether it is day or night. Wagering money at night is also another great entertainment as there is also the maximum rush of gamblers.

You will find that there is always a 100% welcome bonus of up to 1500 baht for new members. You can bet money on any game of your choice, although the highest percentage of wagering at W88 is for sports events. For every slot game, you also get a 100% welcome bonus of up to 6000 baht.

Casino daily bonuses of 10% on deposits are always there while you also get free bets on certain conditions.

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