Why Free Pokies to Download and Free Online Pokies are the Future


Free pokie downloads will help reduce problem gambling in Australian society. Sounds like a ludicrous statement or overly bold claim? Stick with us – we promise it’ll all make sense by the end of this post!

Problem gambling is a big problem for Australian society. That much is clear. The estimated cost of gambling for Australian society runs into the billions, and even adjusted for inflation is among the very highest in the developed world. Why, then, you might (sensibly ask) are we advocating free pokies to download? Surely, if problem gambling is a concern, then we should focus on eliminating gambling altogether.

The biggest irony of course is the fact that playing online slots – both the real money pokies and the free online pokies that are accessible – is the solution to this growing problem down under.

Well, if we are to solve a compelling real-world problem, we need a pragmatic, real-world solution. Our solution is to redirect consumers towards free pokies to download, which are run in a socially responsible manner. Saying that banning casino games would eradicate problem gambling is like arguing no one should be allowed to drive because car accidents claim thousands of lives each year – it’s literally true, but is so absurd it cannot be considered a serious suggestion to the societal problem at hand. The fact is that people are going to gamble no matter what, and it’s not gambling per se that is the problem. A few recreational pokies every now and then harms no one.

The issue is that casinos are being run solely with profits in mind, and games are organized to promote addiction and facilitate problem gambling. Those huge profits in turn give organisations like ClubsNSW massive clout over governmental policy on gaming – see the rejection of the proposed Gillard reforms in July 2015 – severely diminishing our government’s ability to rehabilitate and protect problem gamblers.

It’s clear that supervisory and governmental organisations cannot be relied upon to shield our community from the evils of casino-backed pokies, run without regard for our societal welfare. We have to take matters into our own hands, and say no to the faceless corporate bodies that prioritise profit margins above people. By switching to free pokies for download, we are taking profits out of the hands of immoral organisations, and in turn reducing their ability to encourage addictive gambling in our society. At this point, it’s practically a moral obligation.

That’s not to say you won’t get any immediate benefits from using free pokie downloads. You can play slot games in the comfort of your own home, control how much you’re willing to spend and are at far less risk of developing a gambling addiction. For your future, the future of your family, and the future of your family, boycott the brick-and-mortar pokie games and play online instead. Free pokies to download are the future.

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