6 Tips for Playing Online Slots


Online slots are proving to be more and more popular year on year and are now regarded as the game of choice for many people from all over the world and especially Canada. With all slots casino in Canada being a popular choice for many players, we will take a look at 6useful tips for players looking to succeed in online slots, read on to find out just how best to play slots.

  • Research

As you will be spending your own cash to win, big or small, you should look out for the best odds at winning – we prefer to go for anything that gives a high payback percentage of 90% or over. However, the bigger the jackpot the lower the probability of winning. Think of the big jackpots as a lottery ticket, chances of winning them are much low but when you get the coveted win, let’s just say you might be the happiest you’ve ever been, for a few weeks.

  • Try Before You Buy

If you are new to a game, be it as an experienced online slots player or a novice, it is always recommended to try out a free version of a game if possible.  A freebie ride will allow you to see if you enjoy the graphics and over all feel of a game.  Once you’ve found the game you like, stick with it for a while and see if it likes you back.

  • Just For Fun

Thank goodness for online casinos, enabling us to have the luxury of playing our favourite slots without leaving our house, or even our bedroom! No need to plan trips to Las Vegas, just log on to your favourite websites and start playing. You must remember that you shouldn’t approach this game as a business plan to make a fortune, but rather as an escapism or entertainment from the day to day grind. When the fun stops, you should stop too, always be prepared to lose as much as you want to win

  • Dodge Autoplay

Autoplay means you are not in control of the slots, which of course takes away all of the fun of playing slots in the first place. If you want to lose more than you win, you can switch autoplay on but we really don’t see the point in doing so.

  • Baby Steps

Don’t rush into slots thinking that if you wager big you will win big. It doesn’t work that way, therefore taking baby steps by wagering $10 to $20 at a time will mean that you won’t curse the day you decided to give online slots a go. You can bet in pennies rather than whole dollars. No one likes to go on a roller-coaster ride that lasts for one minute after waiting in line for over three hours! In other words, you must teach yourself how to enjoy online slots., it’s a learning curve.

  • Know When To Call It A Day

No one likes a heavy loss, be it in a land-based casino or online based casino. Knowing when to call it a day and quit is crucial for your bank account and importantly your sanity. Always set yourself realistic limitations prior to indulging in a game, remember how much you started with and how much your target was to win as well as lose before opting to end a game.

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