All You Need To Know About Bitcoins


Do you know what bitcoins are? Are you aware what it can do? Those who know about it are aware of the fact that it can afford anonymity. In this article, we will deal with the things that will hep you to know what bitcoins are all about. Well, to describe it we can say that these are a kind of currency. But these are not found in the form of notes or coins. These can be called digital currency.

An unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto is said to have developed this concept. He has developed this software in 2009, though the software appeared in the market only after 2010. In fact, nobody knows his real identity. Some are of the view that his name is a mixture of some of the famous Japanese companies.


The specialty of this software is that it allows anonymous money transactions without disclosing the personal details of the person who had sent the money or had received it. Many people are now claiming to earn these currencies by playing bitcoin casinos.

The developer had made it a peer to peer network that does not need any controlling by the central authority. It is solely run by networks that are mainly freedom enthusiasts and contributors. So, with this kind of software in use a person or an organization will never come to know who transacted the money and how.

In fact, the person is so talented he has solved the problems of double spending of the digital currency. It is copying of the same currency like one copies software which is called pirated ones. But in Satoshi’s system has a remedy for this problem also. He has made the system in such a manner that there will be no copying of the currency notes can be done. With every new transaction is made a verification is done from a list (which has details of all transactions in the public list) that the currency was not used earlier. So, this system ensures that no currency is used more than once.


Bitcoins can be earned by mining, exchanging currency or playing bitcoin casino games. In fact, they are easy to play and will not land you up in any kind of scams. If you are playing and earning from these games then you can make almost all transactions with these.

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