Poker Hand Rankings And The Guide To Texas Hold’em Poker Rules


Hand combinations is the basic rule of any poker game because a player who doesn’t know the poker hand rankings is sure and set to lose the money they have invested, maybe even more at times. The main aim is to either culminate the strongest card combination that is possible or force the opponent to fold their cards. This article is to throw some light on the poker hand ranks Texas Hold’em.

The details in depth:

Any poker player who wants to win and succeed has to study all the possible card combinations along with their strengths and then further proceed towards the advanced rules and regulations and then the game. It is always best to know about your cards like the “deuce” is the weakest card while the “ace” is the strongest one.2

Hand rankings:

The poker hand ranks are formed from the group of five cards which are in turn made up of the hole cards and community cards in which all the suits are of equal strength.

  • Royal flush:

This poker hand rank is one of the strongest set of cards consisting of consecutive set of cards from the same suit from ten to ace. At a time a player can withdraw only four royal flushes but when the layer withdraws from two separate royal flushes, the possibility is around 0.002%.

  • Straight flush:

Straight flush is also a lot similar to the royal flush but doesn’t involve any “royal” cards. It is simply a set of five consecutive set of cards from the same suit. There is always a possibility that two or more player from the game may have straight flush, in that case, the one with the highest card is considered the winner. The possibility of getting a straight flush is 0.015%.

  • Four of a kind:

This type of poker hand ranking includes the player getting a set of four similar cards. The winner in this type of hand ranking is deduced from the one with the highest card ranking in the table. The possibility of getting four of a kind hand ranking is 0.024%.

There are a several more variety of hand rankings like “full house”, “flush”, “straight”, “three of a kind” etc. which are more or less the same kind with a little variation in them. It is always advised to have a proper knowledge about the cards you are dealing with for a better chance at winning the round.

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