Bingo for Dummies


Bingo is a popular game all round the world and there are literally hundreds of online sites offering bingo.  One of the great advantages of playing online bingo is that there are many variations of the traditional game and each one has a different way of winning.  Some bingo variations also offer progressive jackpots.  Mobile bingo has meant that players can now enjoy bingo from the comfort of their home and can play anytime day or night.

Related imageSelecting a Bingo Site

The first step to playing bingo online is to pick an online site offering bingo.  For beginner bingo players it is important that they choose a well-known and reputable site which is properly licensed.  The factors to consider when choosing a site begin with which software and network the site is using.  This will determine which games are on offer as well as the level of difficulty involved.  Generally those bingo sites that have more players usually have a lower chance of winning, but on the plus side the payouts are of often greater.  

One of the biggest benefits of being a new bingo player is that they can take advantage of a welcome bonus or no deposit offer.  This means they do not have to use their own money to start off with.  Most online casinos will offer players an amount of money to play with and these bonuses can lead to real money wins and players can then use these to deposit and play more bingo.  When playing bingo for the first time it is important to have a budget.  Beginners may start out playing games with a smaller risk but as they win they will want to play more high risk bingo games and also play with multiple bingo cards.  

Create an Account

Once a site has been chosen the sign up process is next.  Players will need to sign up at their chosen site and create an account.  The registration process is quick and easy and some personal details will be required.  Players will also have to decide whether they are going to play real money games or play for free.  If playing for real money players will need to make a deposit using a deposit option offered on the site, there are usually a range to choose from.  Online sites will have good security allowing players to enjoy playing bingo in a safe gaming environment with the knowledge that their information is protected.  Players then choose their game and buy bingo cards, single or multiple cards.  Many bingo games offer great jackpots with generous payouts.

Variations of Bingo

Like real money blackjack games there are a range of bingo variations and are all based on the traditional game, with slight variations.  Players tick off the numbers in a winning pattern as they are called.  The differences in the games are usually the layout of the bingo card and the different patterns.  The most popular variations include 90 and 75 ball bingo.  90 Ball bingo has 27 numbered squares and has 3 rounds which includes one line and two line payouts as well as a full house.  75 Ball bingo has 25 numbered squares and one and two line payouts and a full house.  Other variations include speed bingo and 50 and 80 ball bingo.  These games are much faster and have many more ways to win.

Bingo is and always will be a popular casino game that is fun when played for free but also offers many ways to win generous jackpots.

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