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With the customers who play the lottery game for the first time at our website, they will be not used to manipulating on it, especially the elderly who do not understand the technology.

They do not know exactly what to do in order to choose the right number they want. Let’ s we guide you how to play the lottery at home :

The playing method to get the highest winning rate:

After reading the following instructions, you should practice on your account to have a thorough grasp of those steps quickly. When playing online lotteries, you absolutely do not have to worry about being refused to pay money, don’t worry about being delayed, be flexible in playing time, and you can play anywhere with lots of packages in order you to choose the suitable one to you. The playing method is extremely simple, you just need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Select the channel you want to play

You should choose a reputable bookmarker that provide a high security for you and do not expose the personal information of players. Then create account information. When starting to number, choose the right station you need to play, avoid the case of choosing the wrong station. On our web site the name of the station is clearly abbreviated, players should choose carefully then choose the number they need to go.

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Step 2: Select exactly the numbers to play to record:

When playing online, once you have numbered and issued the numbers, the dealer will have no duty or irreparable number.

For example, after giving a number to type, you only have 2 minutes to repair, if after 2 minutes our staff has no way to help you fix.

Step 3: Choose exactly the playing style for player:

There are all kinds of lot playing styles. When choosing you just need to stick the square next to the playing style name. If you stick the wrong playing style, it is difficult to win.

Step 4: Plan ahead for the amount of money you want to invest:

We do not specify the amount of money you must play, you are solely responsible for your own numbers.

Step 5: Determine the amount of money to invest:

The bet package should be understand as to how high or low the winning rate depends on your purposes:

If you are a person who wants to win directly with the bookmarker you can choose the highest rate to bet here.

Usually, it you choose the package M, you will not receive a commission from the bookmarker for you.

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