How to Play Indian Rummy as a Beginner?


A majority of players out there have a notion that rummy is a game of luck. But what they don’t know is that there are a number of skills involved which can assist you with making the right moves and swing the momentum in your favor. Usually, rummy requires the participation of two players. The dealer distributes thirteen cards each among all the players. The players can arrange the cards either in a sequential manner or in sets. For beginners who are just starting with Indian rummy, they have to first brush up on their necessary skills. So here are some tips which would get you going in the rummy game.

Some Integral Components of Indian Rummy

Before delving into the strategies, you have to understand the meaning of specific components used in Indian Rummy. Without understanding them, it would be difficult for you to strategize your gameplay. So here is a rundown of some of the integral components of Indian rummy.

ü  Joker

A joker is also referred to as a wild card, which is a replacement for any other card at any given time. Interestingly, you can use the joker in place of any card as long as the sequence makes sense.

ü  Sequence

Well, you would find the sequence as a common terminology that exists in many card games. It refers to a consecutive order of ranks with their suits matching. In other words, you need a minimum of three cards for a sequence.

ü  Set

Set refers to the collection of four to three cards of the same rank and various suites. What’s more, you can arrange them in any particular order.

Strategies to make you emerge as a winner in Indian Rummy

As an amateur player who is just starting foraying into the world of Indian rummy, you should always be aware of winning strategies. Yes, there may be a few off days where you may lose a few contests within the Rummy game. The best way to cope up with these losses is by learning the fundamental skills and strategies. The tips, as mentioned below, would help you greatly in mastering the various aspects of the game.

Arrangement of Cards

Note that card arrangement is a crucial strategy that you should always consider incorporating into your gameplay. In Indian rummy, you would have the option to sort your cards. Ensure that after sorting your cards, you give due priority to rearrange your cards.

By sorting, you would get a clear understanding of what are the cards you require and the type of cards you can discard. What’s more impressive is that you can avoid additional discards if you sort and rearrange the cards periodically.  

Don’t ever forget the Joker

As mentioned above, it is a crime to forget the joker while playing the Indian Rummy game. Always be mindful of the fact that it is a wildcard that can change the fate of your hand. Moreover, if you possess more than two jokers, it can meld your cards.

So once you have started the game, you have to keep track of the wild card joker. Wisely use the wild card joker to replace the cards that are missing.

Prioritize Pure Sequence

Whenever you are participating in Indian rummy, you should always prioritize forming a pure sequence. In case someone finishes the game, forming a sequence would prevent losing the game. Ensure that you are forming a sequence, which is a combination of three or more consecutive cards belonging to the same suit. After obtaining a pure sequence, you can tackle other issues of the game.

Observe your Opponent’s Moves

One of the essential tips to consider while playing the Indian Rummy game is to keep a close watch on your opponents. Keep track of the cards that your opponent picks or discards. It is also imperative to maintain a close watch on the open deck or hand so that you know the type of cards that can be distributed.

Let’s hope that the strategies mentioned above would help you greatly in improving your gameplay in Indian rummy. However, it would be best if you had realistic practice to implement these strategies during your gameplay.

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