Look for the smart Blackjack Choices and Steps


Do not use too often the technique of teaching, giving up. Use it only when you are 16 against the dealer’s 9, 10 or AS. This will involve you playing a multi-hand game and not counting the cards. If you count your cards then maybe you will know the total number of waivers to maximize your potential. Go for the güvenilir blackjack siteleri there.

Play at a full table when you bet to win big bucks

The number of players slows down the game considerably and gives you the chance to play more without risking too much. You will have more time to make a decision, which can help you make better decisions.

Don’t bet and don’t base your decisions on emotions or forebodings

You need to know long before you bet and how you will play your hand. It is very important to have self-control and stick to the things you promise yourself at the beginning of the game.

Blackjack tips related to the hand: to throw or not

  • Never throw yourself when you have two 10 cards in your hand. A hand with two 10 cards is a very good one because the total value is 20, the closest score is 21. When you have such a hand, the dealer has no choice than to enter a 21 to win.
  • When you decide to throw, you still don’t know what the second card you will receive brings, so you might end up with two hands with a value of less than 20. When you think better about the situation, it’s not a situation which you want, first hand.
  • Do not split a hand of two of 5. A hand of two of 5 has a total value of 10. The best way to go forward is to double the stake. Sharing your hand is not a great idea because you will have a good chance of having two hands each with a value of 10.

It is proven that it is better to have a hand of average value than two with which you cannot do much. This advice can be easily applied to both this situation and others. For example, pairs of 4 or 10 are in the same situation. It is better to rely on a grandmother’s hand, than to hope for salvation with two hands of little value, hands that have little chance of becoming good.

Divide a hand of two aces

  • This hand is a special one because it is recommended to split the ace hand for glorious victory.
  • Divide a hand of 6. It is desirable to divide a hand of 6 if you see that the dealer has a hand of 3-6.
  • Divide a hand of 7. You must always divide a hand of two 7 if the dealer has a hand of 3-7.

Divide a hand of 8. An idea of ​​the people is to split a hand of two 8s because their combined value of 16 is the worst blackjack hand. The chances of receiving a low value card are minimal. When you split this hand in two, you actually double your chances of receiving a card with at least the value 10. In the end, the worst hand can bring you success.

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