Slot machines are extremely addictive – How much does this statement hold true?


Recent research showed that compulsive gaming focuses on the biological, psychological and even moral profiles of addicted gamers but the primary issue lies with the slot machines. There have been writers and analysts who have been exploring the relationship between gamblers and the sophisticated and modern machines which encourage the hard core gamers to bet beyond their means. Analysts who have spent decades conducting research in casinos and Daniel Hunt from Casino Hungry said that addiction is a relationship between an activity and a person. With regards to gambling, the focus is most often on the person and it is necessary to broaden this aspect.


Games apparently form a window into new culture

Games can easily indicate what the current population is anxious about or what is it seeking out. The fact that people are being more and more attracted to casino slot machines and other intense social games imply the fact that the people feel a lot of risk and volatility in their lives which is making them take such a decision. Do you take gambling as a kind of game? You would rather consider it as a part of a thrilling activity but it is true at the same time that slot machines offer people enough certainty and security.

How can gambling offer sense of security?

When gamblers play, they reach a zone which feels safe and comfortable for them. You actually don’t play to win but you rather to play in order to retain in that zone, a zone where you forget the drudgeries of your daily life, your anxieties and your bodily pains. The brand new machines form the key and with the multi-slot machines, you can put in hundreds of coins. In case you’re betting on 100 lines of play, you can always win something back.

Why do slot machines seem to be more addictive than other forms of gambling?

Although slot machines are usually deemed to be a light form of gambling because of their comparatively low stakes, their popularity among women and ease of play, they are few of the most patent options. Playing on slot machines is fast, continuous and solitary. You wouldn’t have any kind of interruptions like you would face in a poker game and you’re also allowed to go from one hand to the next. You don’t even need to halt to put bills in the machine. All these reasons make slot machines addictive.

Does your work have an impact on the public conversation regarding gambling?

States throughout the nation consider gambling to be a way of increasing revenue during recession months and it is the revenue from machines which they’re predicting. Slot machines have been designed to draw people more towards gambling and sometimes it is also done in deceptive ways. Legislators require understanding how such machines work.

Although we see that gambling has got rather too many benefits, yet if you face any kind of problem while gambling, you may seek support from BeGambleAware and get the right kind of help from them.

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