The Right Pass Bets for Your Solutions


In practice, it is possible to figure out much faster what the betting passage means and how profitable such a format of interaction with bookmakers can be. Usually bets on aisle are placed on matches in tournaments that are organized in the playoff format, as well as on football competitions in the playoffs of combined tournaments.

What does pass mean in football betting?

Pass 카지노가입쿠폰 bets are most often made by football fans. Playoffs are used to organize football games of various national tournaments. The combined matches are structured in such a way that after the first loss the team is eliminated. The Champions League,  Europa League and various European Championships work according to this principle .

  • In order for the bet to work, in some cases, it is enough to only approximately navigate the game. In other situations, you need to very carefully study the information in order to guess who will pass next. Often, the problem arises where two equally strong teams go into battle.
  • Pass bets are often referred to as long term bets. That is, the result of an event can sometimes be expected for weeks, or even months.
  • In tennis, total is not a popular type of prediction. This is a fairly “lottery” choice. You can find the opinion that tennis totals were invented by the bookmaker for their own earnings.

In tennis, there are different options for totals: general, individual. The total is the total number of games played in the opposition. Individual Total means the number of games won by a specific athlete. The first type of total (over or under) is offered by almost all bookmakers, and the second is less common. Total in tennis means a lot, most forecasters start from it, using various strategies.


A similar tactic is used in live forecasting. To make such bets, you need to have free time. The advantages of live betting pay off such efforts. The bettor has the opportunity to orient himself when creating total bets during a tennis match. Here, the maximum value lies in the timing of the forecast. For tactics, ITF singles matches. Tennis players who play better than amateurs, but who are not professionals, participate in these fights.

Using forecasts for the total, it is better to make a bet after the first set. According to statistics, if after the end of the 1st set in games the total is more than 10.5, then with a probability of 80% the athletes will play for a lower total. For such an event, the offices set odds 1.6 – 1.8.

Individual total

Individual total goals in tennis have become a more promising niche. Individual total means the following bets:

  • Unforced errors.
  • Break points.
  • Double errors.

A similar wide painting is used in fights of the Grand Slam tournaments. Basically, betters make predictions on the number of games for individual total. If the opponent is significantly inferior in class, but he has a rather strong serve, then in fights on fast surfaces (grass and hard) you can lose sets, but the fight will be stubborn. There are high chances of a tie-break. In such a case, an individual TB (12.5) per favorite will have a huge probability.

The following features affect the choice of the bet:

  • The ratio of the class of tennis players.
  • Individual characteristics of tennis players.
  • The athlete’s readiness for a specific confrontation.
  • Feed type.
  • The ability to perform the reception and the quality of the first serve.

It is in tennis that athletes can show their individual abilities to the maximum. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the outcome of the fight. Betters need to show ability in psychology. It is especially difficult to make predictions for women’s tennis, where comebacks are frequent.

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